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Vainglorious yay


I am late i know





Awesome maybe one day i can rank up



Any insights into your success you could share?


Focus on improving rather than climbing, even in those games where the match maker completly screws you up try to focus on what you could have done better, the mistakes you could have avoided.


And this is why surrendering in rank shouldn’t be


I don’t agree. Surrendering has to be an option.



As a soloq I’m resigned to never ever breaking out of POA, three good games then two toxic hell hole games to reset me back to where I started, rinse and repeat.

On the upside I’m close to POA gold in 5v5, if I push on my week of I might just scrap into VG in that format.


Bruh I stuck at Poa gold since 3.1. Even dropped to SA sometimes. SoloQ is stupidly hard


I find it easier in 5v5 hence why I think VG is a possibility (I’m a win from away from gold), but in 3v3 (playing a lot of this as I’ll only play 5v5 late at night) I find it virtually impossible to grind out of tier 9 in soloq.

Give you an example, was playing 9S match last night and first pick chooses Vox roam (id already indicated I’d roam) he reluctantly switched to roam lyra when we both complained, he then spam pinged me to buy a fountain whilst building pure WP on lyra and stealing all the last hits in lane. Turns out the opposition were SA silver (as was he)… RIP ELO.

Ps - congrats on VG