Utilizing API info and VG Miner's New update

It seems most folks refer to API info from sites like Vainsocial.com and VGpro.gg. I use both of these sites and feel like they are very good, but also find that VGminer makes a lot of the info accessible for simple minds like mine. They have just updated their UI and added a lot of features. It looks great!

I’m still not sure I am using the information properly, but think this will help me apply it better. I’d be interested in hearing how you all utilize API info to improve your game.

If you haven’t used VGminer before here is the link to their download site.



I still prefer vgpro.gg, it provides everything i need, some downsides of vgminer for me :

  • it’s a bit heavy & slow on my phone, I’m sure it’s because it has too many images
  • no latest pros matches and no pick, win & ban rate like those two sites
  • i need to go back after looking at the summary of a match to look at other matches, and i will lose track of which match i last checked because it takes me back to the top of the page