Using dragonblood contract vs Protector contract

out of all the contracts you can get, I feel like Dragonblood is the most impactful. It lasts 3 seconds, so the likelihood of the mark being consumed is quite good.

The counter for this - the protector contract lasts 2 seconds, so it really takes some skill to time it right.

I would like these items to see more action. they are cheap. they change the outcome of early engages. if you can secure a kill, that 300 per kill gold in your bank just made up for the 250 you paid for the contract. IMO, it’s well worth the price and best kept as a niche situational item.

I know plenty of people feel like it’s useless that they can’t be upgraded, but they don’t need to be. the decision process of when to buy and sell just adds that extra tactical depth.

Please use them more and appreciate them in all their glory. they really are wonderful to use and don’t need any changing.

read those item tips: directly copied and paste from item description
Dragonblood - Use this to aggressively secure kills in the early game.
Protector - Purchase this if you expect heavy aggression coming from the enemy team or want early teamfights.

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the player base is looking for those 2 things. So use them.


I like Ironguard because it gives free Lyra heal when laning

The problem is that you only gain 150 total gold if you’ve Get first blood and sell it…compared to the 300 you get with a normal item

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I say Dragonblood is great against invisibility characters, especially Flicker and Taka. Early game, if you cant use vision properly I would recommend getting Dragonblood especially against the mentioned above. I would get Protector if the enemy team has no captain and/or if they hit their power spikes early, like: Samuel, Koshka and especially Krul. That’s my opinion, but it is up to you. :upside_down_face:

Only 3v3 I still go igc as first item otherwise is there really use for contracts?
The new items pretty much better than contracts

Rooks decree vs protector contract
Roocks degree gives better shielding and it activates every 8 second which is almost as good as protector

Dragonblood vs pulsewave
Pulsewave give 200 + .2% Cp and slow which is far better

igc vs capacitor plate
This can’t be really compared because Igc is useful for early game and capictator plate increase heals

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it’s usually bought with the 600 starting gold. costing 250 means you can still pick up a heart or boots.

your comparison shows a great disparity in gold difference.
is there any item that can give 200 bonus damage for under 250 gold?
how about absorb 240 damage for under 250 gold?

please don’t be comparing it to other items. it shows a lack of knowledge in early engages. how to play aggressively and how to use that to advantage.

it’s the same reason why carries go double crystal bits or double knife. instead of one boots or one book of eulogies or a heart. why? they want the extra damage.

for argument’s sake, let’s use the base starting gold as a benchmark to as why it should be used.

I wanted this to inspire people to think about situations that it could be beneficial. not argue whether it’s worth it. it’s quite a team work item, as the buffs can’t be used on yourself. So, take it as you will. Maybe once you become part of a good team, it might inspire you to use these items.

Buying and selling items is not a new concept. Carries who go top lane, regardless of which path they decide to go, will pick up a book of eulogies, even if they need to sell it later.

i don’ see a need to spend in contract honestly. waste of money to spend on… your team to should know not to engage in fight in early match until you reach level 6 with 2 builds.

i mean in 5v5, how are you gonna aid jungler who tries to initiate the fight all the time if you need costantly roam top and mid?

or 3v3 where your carry is trying to bait their carry in early match… i mean why? or your jungler go their jungle camp and ask for help when your carry is being invaded by 2 vs 1…

i would spend on contract if they give us a good buff in early match. extra heals or little protection doesn’t seems that great to me

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you obviously have never participated in a team jungle invade. The glory, the synergy, the use of vision, the Carnage, the kills… the sweet, sweet kills. ALL in the first 60 seconds.

The advantage really is negligible when you start talking about mid game. i would’ve sold it before or at the same time i pick up my first T3 item.

edit: well, it doesn’t hurt to keep it until you run out of slots :yum:

In 3v3, I always buy a contract first (as captain anyway). Usually Dragonblood, sometimes Ironguard, rarely Protector, depending on which hero I’m playin. I find Dragonblood works best with Grace or Flicker Grace can dive an enemy with her A to use it, Flicker can sneak up and activate it without ever leaving stealth (if I remember right).

5v5 I’ve found them a little less useful, but still buy Dragonblood regularly.

I do think PC needs a buff tho. It’s such a small barrier, and only lasts 2 seconds, with everyone having Healing flasks it’s hardly worth it.

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i would maybe lower the barrier damage absorbtion to 100 in favour of a longer 3 second length.

that would be my way of balancing it… or maybe a 2 . 5 second length

tbh I think it’s better to have a higher barrier over the 2s. 100 barrier is too easy to go through in 3s, the barrier is easily breakable in 2s as it is…

If I want to invade i play Lance or grace and open up with two weapon blades.

The contracts should build into the 3 new items.

The contracts offer no scaling whatsoever… Even flaregun offers 150hp…

Igcis justifiable if you don’t have a heal but otherwise i feel they are all mediocre at the very best.

Captain main who never buys a contract…

The items are cool but as you already mentioned Protector contract needs skill, and who needs skill when you can get some health items to make Adagio’s heal do more or Lyra’s heal do more. Or you can just buy a little bit of WP on captains that have good scaling with it and then invade to do more damage rather than take damage. It gets outclassed in the current meta, maybe like Ardan is gonna need it but Phinn, no.

Dragon blood is sort of just there. On paper it seems very useful. But in game there is a reason why it has so many charges, it’s because it usually is very dangerous to just go and consume the mark. In 3v3 the items were good because there would always be one squishy or maybe even two to just go nom at but in 5v5 there are 2-3 squishies and the remaining enemies have probably very good peel. It is just unsafe to do that unless you are Fortress or maybe even an Ardan. Allies would be discouraged to go in if those two are not the captains.

Ironguard is a must have and it is a good item. Gives your allies a heal because they are good at CSing is not only a skillful thing to do but the contract makes it rewarding.

I was mostly talking in terms of 5v5, where they get outclassed/situational. In 3v3 they are good and should be a pickup if you are not a Lyra or your team has terrible dive capabilities.