Using Celeste with Joystick vs tap touch

Been trying out 5v5 practice mode. and WOW, it’s SO EASY to use.

by spamming Helios, it automatically selects targets at maximum range and jungling just got insanely faster, due to the Auto Attack inbetween the first helio and making it burst with the second.

meaning i can get off 3 attacks in the space of 2 seconds. Doing that with tap touch is possible, but so so, SO sweaty.

Not to mention stunning the enemy is a no brainer, tap and it auto selects the target. Ultimate is the same deal, just tap and swoosh perfectly directed in the correct war path to take out your target.

Skilled maneuvers are still better with tap touch at an advantage, giving the ability to manually select the ground much faster than joystick can.

To get the best of both worlds. start the game with joystick mode, because farming is just so much better, and towards the end of the game, switch to tap touch, for those team fights.

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Aw man I think I’m about to officially quit then. I know joystick is an option but I don’t want to harm myself by not using it.


It’s just when farming or against stationary targets that auto-lock won’t miss. Touch is still much better.

Can’t comment on skill-shot heroes, but if you look at WP carries:

If you try to stutter-step away with touch, there’s a chance you will mis-tap and walk towards your target. But at the very least, you have to tap on opposite sides of the screen.
With joystick, you point away and hit the attack button for perfect stutter-stepping, npnp.

Joystick is not better in all cases, but it compensates for poor mechanical skills to a degree that isn’t even funny.


Except what you fail to mention is you still have to time the attack button at the proper time with joystick, spamming will result in lower DPS and canceled AAs.

You need a lot of attack speed in order to make it easier using analog.

actually you don’t. using an ability automatically AA’s the target without needing to hit the attack button

I wasn’t talking about that though, I was replying to someone talking about stutter stepping on analog not having an advantage without serious attack speed.

Also, is that the same with touch controls? If you lock on to a target with kestral and AA before firing a glimmer she will AA automatically between the glimmers.

oh, my bad. i failed to read the comment above yours.

So much for not Auto lock on abilities

so I’ve been trying out different heroes using joystick and observing if the AA’s follow through after using an ability, like i mentioned above with Celeste.

Kestrel’s glimmer shots are abit buggy. it works with the healing treant and sometimes the crystal and weapon power treant, but trying to alternate glimmer shots and AutoAttacks on the GoldOak was just impossible.
The WP treant was near impossible as well, had to manually hit the Attack button inbetween glimmershots.

i thought it was possibly that the system doesn’t recognise 1 glimmer as 1 ability and need to shoot all 4, but it works with the healing treant perfectly.

i’m not sure if it’s bugged on the target itself, or just certain hero abilities. need more investigating.

From what has been said it is a lazy lock system on things like glimmer that Target to where the hero/npc was when you touched it but if you move slightly any direction it will target as a joystick

i noticed that when trying ringo. but kestrel is different. even when standing still it doesn’t AA after using glimmer. you have to AA manually.

it does keep AA if you stay on the spot tho.

and another thing i just realized: by standing in the jungle and AA’ing once… a lazy player can go afk and not get detected…

i hope this doesn’t get abused, and if it does, it needs to be fixed.

That really needs to be fixed or joystick abondoned but i don’t see the later happening. Maybe implement a minute limit on auto attack without doing anything else