Useful information about defense

This is gonna be a very short post but I think it’s hella useful to calculate your damage mitigation after buying defensive items and that’s how defense stats work.
How defense stats work:
Damage= True damage ÷ (1+ defense value ÷ 100)
Example: one turret shot at maximum damage potential can deal 3084 true WP damage and one Metal Jacket provides you with 120 armor. The damage you receive is: 3084 ÷ (1 + 120 ÷ 100)= 1401.(81)

Excoundrel has a video out on defense that is actually pretty useful.

I believe it works out to 1 point of sheild or armor = 0.4% damage reduction up until armor and sheild values drop off.

Far easier to calculate that way.

So a Slumbering husk mitigates 30% wp and CP damage when the perk doesn’t activate.

But that isn’t accurate. I want to bring to you the most accurate method.

~43% according to the formula above.

Too bad 90% of Vg players are from ML and don’t understand the meaning of DEFENCE ITEMS


ML is pissing of their own client base. You need to reach lvl 8 to get to your own account after reinstall…

Wasting time on an account that gets removed afterwards…

They won’t last…

Also other games have way more items like capacitor plate and stormcrown where the defensive values are inside utility and offensive items.

Vainglory is one of the few games with dedicated defense items.

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Thank God I am in the rest 10%. My first MOBA ever is Vainglory.


Good. More people migrating to VG.

Mine was a sc2 mod hahahahahaha

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No, all heroes have base defense, so the defense SH offers already gets reduced.

No the 30% damage reduction is from SH.
Base defense also has damage reduction, these stack…

lets give a chance to our devs to make perfect the defense items :slight_smile:

you wont play ML if you knew the issues about that game… Seriously I hate the company who plagiarize (not obey the copyright law) and if you compare it with VG, VG is much2 better, in terms of graphics, bgm quality, but lack players and gaming sync with android and other social network platform, unfortunately :sad:

But not equally, each defense point gives less damage reduction than the previous one.