Update 4.2 Bug Hunt

Post 'em here as you find 'em – we all know they’re there!

Guild XP not displaying correctly
Party modes not including ARAL Fixed
Guild leaderboard/ranking not displaying

Visual/UI (ingame)
Turret targets but doesn’t shoot
Shop button out of place - can’t access shop

Performance (ingame)
Framerate drops?

Baron attack range
Alpha talents not working - Epic
Fortress talents not working - Epic, Legendary
Idris hat interactions

Caine available for glory too early? Fixed

Guild member page shows incorrect XP level for other guild members. (Mine is correct.)

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The obvious bug hunt is caine glory

Fixed already. How about we post ones that remain unfixed?

During blitz I had a turret not shoot at me despite targeting me

It was fixed? I didn’t know that. So far been playing. No bugs in game. No lag either.

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Yesterday (I will exclude the lags and desync for now) I had something new that maybe is a bug: second game, 2nd minute in it and I suddenly dropped to 15fps (super choppy and I am not mistaken it for network/connection problems, it was literally the game itself running at that fps) and stayed like that till the end of the game. Exynos note 9 is the device and running stock android 9, never experienced that in VG (or any game for a fact) on any of my devices during the years.

Turret bug still a thing, some 2 years later.


Baron atk range still bugged ggwp, how come they haven’t fix it? This is the whole reason why Baron so broken late game

You can queue Rumble and ARAM in a party, but you can’t ARAL. Not even sure if it is a bug. They probably just forgot to update the possible queues for parties.

I encounter a bug ,in a single match, that makes the shop short-cut button is can’t be pressed. I even tried to restart it. I can only access shop by tapping the main shop at base.

The desync or whatever on turrets is more ridiculous than ever. Got teleported backward the distance of a whole vox dash to turret and into a malene A. Like whut

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I just played casuals and brawls , noticed the game freezing a lot for me and the game kick me out , when I got back the dragons looked captured in the map while they not , my team was dead and they pinging me dragon to steal but the map shows the dragons not there so I was confused , it’s probably like the crystal miner health bar bug we had in the 3v3 before , but this bug makes the dragons invisible in the map .

Can’t wait for aral’s bug to reappear lul

The map is also displaying incorrectly in certain situations.

The UI social tab bug where you can’t view a leaderboard/rankings of your guild still exists. No one shows and it still reads something along the lines of ‘last updated 186590 days ago’.

Alphas Epic talent isn’t working properly anymore.
A portion of her health-bar goes blue to indicate its fortified but you still take all the damage as if you have your normal health bar up.

Fortress’s Epic Talent and Legendary Talent don’t bring a cooldown to his ultimate anymore. It stays the same as if you don’t even have a talent.


They can’t even manage the p2w part of the game that can potentially lead to a lot of not happy spenders. :slight_smile:

Yup. It goes to show you, don’t pay to play for a game. Especially when bugs and fixes keep being made. That hero you just spent $100 on? Don’t worry. He’ll get nerfed :joy:

I experienced some bugs with Headless Idris skin. First is you can use the Pumpkin hat (in the hat tab says it can’t), and second is its idle animation (holding his detached head) not playing.