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Update 3.3 full patch notes



What about new skins? They don’t mention any…


guess we will have a surprise :wink:


Yet the bug that misplaces abilities and the stop attacking bug are still in game. This is why this game is shit when you literally have bugs that break the game for more than 4 months.


That and que time+dodgers making you waste 20+min to find a game before giving up yup.


Enemies can no longer see where is Reza going to fall, that is HUGEEEEE.


A Dev on Reddit replied to the Origin Idris skin and said its a special skin not like any others so maybe we’ll have a couple of those who knows man


Frequently I have 4-5 games in a row with dodge + also 1-2 more not all accepting and long que times between them leading to 25m wasted without playing… just meh, never ever had such problems before 5vs5, even at absurd hours like 4am week day.

Edit: They really need to bring back the LPQ for dodgers as part of the game is outdrafting the enemy, not to mention the wasted time. Nowdays I put the same time in the game, but I play far less… phone next to me and “searching” :confused: