Upcoming new aspect

In here I will update the aspect of my upcoming ideas. It could be playstyle, or new buff/debuff.

  • Leakage [released] : using skill will lose Energy.
  • Astra: user can’t receive buff.
  • Nulify: user can’t receive debuff.
  • Painkilled: upon receive critical strike, treat it like normal attack.
  • Doublecast: next skill use will be shot twice, using energy twice.
  • Stackative: next skill use will add 2 stack to that skill.
  • Backpack: can buy the 7th item, can swap the items during combat.
  • Mad: automatically come and basic attack the nearest enemy hero. If no hero nearby, automatically attack nearest hostile target.
  • Bargain: self death will give enemies less money. Kill/asist receive more money. Shut down streak receive much more money.
  • Pawnshop: trade one item for another item in a short duration. Money will be costed.
  • Delayed: damage not dealt right after the target get hit. They will be counted later which more strength.

I like Astra and Nullify a lot.

Doublecast will be absolutely broken unless it is disallowed for Ultimates.

Backback would be great.
Also make a satchel of potions so that you could grant. Allies a healing flask triggering it automatically with it having 2/3 charges…

I like mad it is a directionless taunt and will be felt my skillshot heroes who don’t rely on auto attacks.

About Doublecast, I am planing not to make it like another version of Echo. It would be an Ultimate of a specific hero which could be cast on his abilities only.

IMO, directionless taunt is rather OP. But I think about a rag doll item that taunt enemies might work.