Upcoming K/DA songs leaked from Genius website

The songs are called Gold and GAMEOVER.

My guess is that they’re (Riot) going to follow the way that Idols in Korea work. Usually a entertainment company that has one big Idol group also has multiple other smaller groups that compete with one another to become the next top idol group.

How does that correlates to LoL and the current cast of KD/A?

There probably will be a next girl/boy idol group of skins that will take over this years KDA skin line. But I mean that’s obvious since they cant reused the same skins for two new songs.

Edit: It was said it was fake but theres no proof that it is false. Also I found this “Though from what has been gathered, due to leaks, the next musical act is likely called True Damage as that was seen on the new adc launch skin and trademarked by Riot recently”

But as usual with leaks, take it with a grain of salt!