Untitled Malene Concept Art

Hi guys, remember I asked for Malene 3D model.
Could you guys suggest me a few ideas or skin for Malene… so I can do concept art and 3d model for her.

For my future school assignment

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Winter war malene, pretty much just the same theme skin Catherine and kestrel had

Sengoku period fantasy/fiction malene, Sengoku was a period in Japanese history that was near constant wars but todays media has taken that era and made more fantastical versions of it like the game series ‘samurai warriors’

Modern Regal malene, I put the collection names there in case any strike your fancy


I don’t see how winter war fits malene? Especially when switching to dark side? Not that I am doing the dark version but yeah.

I will research on sengoku period and modern regal then.

I dunno either lol, was just trying to think of themes, it was originally gonna just be winter casual malene but then I realised it’s for future school assignments and thought doing a casual malene probably wouldn’t be suited for any assignments

Was also thinking how about horror, maybe try turning malene full on horror/scary like some urban legend or such

Maybe a astrological take? Theres alot of room in that theme such as Malene representing a Astrology Sign or her herself being actual spacelike. Idk.

Astrology Sign Examples:

Example of being quite literally space:


That might work… hmmm

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Ffxiv astrologian? Heal people with the power of cards!

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