Underused Brawl Mode Builds you should try

Archived from the original vainglory forums, posted by @Skieblu in December 2017 - archived by @idmonfish

Brawl modes are pretty fun, but in some game modes like blitz, it could get boring playing one punch Ardan or facing a raid boss Phinn. Instead of letting a meta form out of these brawl modes, I am going to share some underused brawl mode builds you should try out. Some of these builds turn the hero’s playstyle on their head, while others are satisfying. I will try to provide a mix of talents so you don’t need a level 7 rare talent or a level 2 legendary just to do these fun builds.

Talent: The Reaper (epic)
Build: As much attack speed as possible (poisoned shiv, breaking point, tornado trigger)
Strategy: with a ton of attack speed and a constant heal every basic attack, you will be a strong sustain bruiser. This can be done with his epic talent at any level.

Talent: Speed Loader (rare)
Build: standard CP Gwen build (Shatterglass, Clockwork, Broken Myth/Spellfire)
Strategy: If you thought CP Gwen in standard was fun, then you’ll love this build. With this, you can perform a combo of using her Buckshot Bonanza, skedaddle, followed by another Buckshot. When you get this talent above level 6, you end up with buckshots dealing around 100% of its original damage without the talent, making CP Gwen a lot more powerful in blitz.

Talent: Rampage (rare)
Build: Raw CP (Shatterglass, Clockwork, Broken Myth)
Strategy: Did you ever consider Grumpjaw as an assassin? If you haven’t, then you are sadly mistaken. With his rare talent, Grumpjaw can end up dealing the damage of his Grumpy ability twice by having the enemy get in his running path and in the actual tusk sweep. This can end up dealing some massive damage, even at level 1. If you plan on leveling up this talent, you can end up one shotting squishy heroes really easily.

Talent: Slashy Play Time! (Legendary)
Build: Captain items and Echo
Strategy: Did you ever want to pull off captain Koshka like FlashX did in the VG8? Well with this talent, you can do this with ease. Stun enemies up for a long time for your allies so they can destroy them. With how fast the charge time is on her legendary talent, it is very hard to block the stun. Even if they do manage to pull it off or they are not dead yet, simply echo your ult and stun them up for even longer.

Talent: Twin Missiles (Rare)
Build: Strong WP and attack speed or Strong CP with alternating current
Strategy: Lyra as a carry has had better days, but you can still enjoy playing as her in brawl modes. I personally prefer playing WP with her since it means I can build more attack speed. Be sure to get the final rank on your ultimate so you get an even larger basic attack range.

Talent: Power Siphon (Rare)
Build: Weapon Power
Strategy: With his rare talent offering a stronger heal more often, Samuel can get away with being a WP carry in brawl modes thanks to his large basic attack range. Something to keep in mind is that his perk is time based and does not increase with attack speed. In addition, you want to try to have your perk hit an enemy hero to receive a larger heal than compared to an objective.

Talent: Ranged Kaiten (Rare)
Build: Weapon Power (Tension Bow, Sorrowblade/Spellsword)
Strategy: With this talent on WP Taka, you can reach the most mobile enemies with ease and hit them as much as you would like with your basic attacks. The best part about this strategy is that you can keep this talent at level 1 if you plan to use just Weapon Power because the majority of your damage will not come from this ability.

I hope you learned a new build that you plan on using in brawl modes. If you happen to have your own personal favorite brawl mode builds that you think is underused, please share them with us so we can join in on the fun!