Uncalled season reset turned out to be GREAT!

So everyone right now is around the tiers 6/5. During the first day of the reset I was pissed because high tiers were stomping on everyone, but eventually… things got balanced. I got plenty of screenshots of being paired with people of my actual tier or just a little above. I don’t know how things are at tier 8+, but I’m very happy with this seasons matchmaking! I’m actually enjoying the games I play because they are no longer a matter of “whoever has the T10 on their team wins”. You can tell that the people playing against you truly are at your level. Not very skilled, not gods either. Just right in the spot they deserve to be.

I don’t know if it was a bug, or if its getting fixed, but I would like things to stay that way. Even if que times take 7+ mins. As long as I can find a game that I enjoy I’m happy :slight_smile:

Thoughts on this?


I only dropped to t9, not tier 6/5, so I guess nothing changed for me. Also the rest doesn’t make the matches unbalanced, it only affects the visual skill tier, not the MMR.

I dropped from 2560 to 2405, i.e. t9 bronze… sooo dunno. :smiley:

Not true, if there are less players, instead of waiting it starts the match with noobs, I have a totally 5 times more unbalanced matches right now after the update (as with every season and as a lot of other people that shared that here/on the old forums).

But that’s because of there being less players, not because of changing a visual trophy, which is the only thing season resets do.

Similar to what Guest said, I dont think the MM is optimized as it once was with the bigger playerbase. Its way easier to boost n such. And T10 S is truely the t10 rank.

I play the game from the moment it was released on android, i.e. quite a lot. I know the state of the player base, but I hardly doubt that it changed by any for a single day between playing with decent players in both teams to unbalanced matches where there are, no offence, but noobs among us. Not that I waited for any match long period of too, on the contrary - after the update I wait 1m for match found instead of 3-5m.

Every season after the reset I have a lot less balanced matches vs the end of the season. This is something discussed few times here, you can search for it.

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It’s not that rare to see that though. I also happens through out the season, it just happens that now it’s the start of a season, but having unbalanced matches with both high elo and low elo in the same match has been happening the whole season.

As has been pointed out, the only thing that’s reset is your VST, not your MMR, so theoretically there should be no difference in matchmaking quality around the time of the “season reset.” However, it’s entirely likely that your experience differs from that of very high tier players for the simple reason that there are many more players in lower tiers than there are way up in tiers 9-10. Couple that with the usual increase in players online around the time of a new patch, and it’s not at all surprising that you’re seeing better quality matches right now.

Glad to hear your experience has been good!

8 from 9 games was total mess with low tier player in them, dunno - my experience from the season start. As for the “happens during the season too” ofc, and it happens quite frequent (but still not by that much). Maybe I just got unlucky, dunno.

I got reset to 2025 so idk seems like a standard reset to me.