[UI Rework] How would you like to see CARDS be brought back?

HI! So I’m currently working on another UI thing- probably my most ambitious one yet. It’s a compilation of long-suggested features from the community. I was really planning to put it out out of nowhere, but I’ve hit a stump and I need your guys’ help.

BASICALLY, how would YOU personally like to see cards being implemented back?

One feature I got really excited thinking about is the comeback of CARDS.

Cards are back! Unlock cards for your collection by completing hero-specific quests, and use them as avatars!

Here are some examples:

My plan was to make cards a “collecting” kind of thing, and at the same time you can show off the cards you worked for. As you can see in the SIDE TAB, there is a QUESTS icon. Within QUESTS, there will be a subfolder specifically for the collection of cards, perhaps called “ALBUM” or something. Other than that, I’m lost. Everything else that I’ve done so far for this rework are “concrete” besides this. Soooo…

Brainstorm and go wild!
hAlp is appreciated!!! :easter_cheers_3: Thanks!!! :easter_happy_1:


Do you want semc to create more cards for the new heroes or you just want the old cards only , I think it’s not fair for the new heroes right ? , the idea is good and it could be a ranking reward .

I think all skins and default splash arts can count as a card. Cards could maybe have a rarity, and default splash arts count as a “common card”.


What about cards being a substitute/be part of hero mastery? For each star you gain, you’ll unlock a hero card for your collection. More card art will have to be created I suppose for newer heroes but it doesn’t seem that difficult. You can “equip” a card to display on the loading screen instead of your skin or something maybe.

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I like how the card art as profile icons look. Like…a lot. SEMC is seriously losing out on massive opportunities by actually implementing some of the ideas the community thinks of. So many creative minds here. One thing I would like aesthetics-wise is to kinda tone down the blue. I really want the UI to go a bit back to a more gritty kind of look without losing a modern look. Probably just changing the colors to black or something. They could also just merge the current ui with a feature of the old ui where the screen is like a new skin or hero splashart (Like GW Fort. I LOVED that screen) and the background where the buttons are could just be a blur to make the icons more visible through the splash art. I just want that UI back :minions_sad_t3:


As for the quest icon, maybe you can have the window separate between daily quests, the album, and universal challenges that reward players with stuff like BORDERS n other knick knacks…just no talents…

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Also, I’m a fan of the moving home screen splashart, something like AoV but slightly toned down.

I believe they did this once but I can not for the life of me remember what patch it was


I know they started the patch Kensei came out

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I think it was Kensei, in 3.3(?) with the first run of this latest UI revamp, and another hero or two after that. Also, way back in like 1.6 or 1.7, when Snake Face Cathy was released, her splash had animated flames and parallaxed a little when you moved your phone!

edit: and speaking of Serpent’s Mask Catherine, I added her splashart to the wallpapers collection this morning.

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Wait Cath had an animated splash art? Oof


Ikr he cant just say something so cool and not show it (if it’s possible)

Found it!


I was also thinking of changing the UI straight-up black like it used to be, but I’m confident SEMC is adamant about rebranding their aesthetic so I’m not even going to attempt it. If someone actually came up with this and actually shared it to the public, yikes:

But yeah, I will tone down the blue and make the background more apparent to get a closer feel of the old UI (like I did make the icons smaller and omitted the text).

INTERESTING. Perhaps quests will get you to collect cards alongside with glory and other rewards or something, but you need a certain mastery level to equip it. Cards don’t necessarily need to be hero-related though.

Also, based from the skin/hero art concept threads floating around the forums, there seems to be different renders of the art, some even almost fully-finished. Those scraps can be used for new heroes (but polished of course). And if SEMC finds making new cards very taxing, they can choose to monetize the feature somehow.

Is it bad if I like several features from that patch’s UI more than the present one?

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The old UI was beautiful. Yes, it needed some tweaks, but I liked it soooooo much better than the generic one we’re stuck with now.

You’re not alone!


So I decided to test it out.


OH MY GOD ALL THE YES THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN YES!!! Even if SEMC does not really decide to pay attention to it Reddit definitely needs to be aware of this edit. It’s way too good very nice job!

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Re-checked the current UI and they are kinda doing that blur thing (As well as your first UI screenshot in the OP which I missed), but it seems like the blue icons just make it seem too generic still which is addressed in your concept. Also the white line at the top is uneven and it’s annoying me oof (I still love the Fort edit tho. I seriously miss that background). Ig VG just needs to go back to using warmer colors in their UI lul. If they gave us the ability to use skin splash arts for backgrounds I’d have mine on GW Fort all the time

Also if VG is gonna have to go back to its original theme the draft screen also needs changes since it reeks of MB vibes