UI gripes because I can’t hold it in any longer!

Why is the UI color scheme blue? It’s like the worst color I can think of. Gives me the immediate impression of being cheap, fake and amateurish. If you guys didn’t see this on the subreddit a few months ago, someone changed the color scheme to black and it looks so much better than the current one. I’m also really sick of the Storm Queen, I get she’s an iconic part of Vainglory but I don’t want to see her every time I log in. There’s so much space she takes up which could be filled with useful things.

I’m no expert on this topic, but how hard would it be to retain the old newsreel? And instead of the sickly looking PLAY button, options for 5v5, 3v3 and BRAWL, which when clicked open further windows like what we currently have, perhaps like this - when you click 5v5, the window which currently pops up when you click 5v5 opens, likewise for 3v3. When you click brawl, the option to choose between blitz and BR pops up. Maybe they could also return Gold Rush in the 3v3 section.

Also why the generic helmet for the heroes section? I loved the original Skaarf logo. They don’t even have to use that, some guy on the subreddit makes Snoos for every new hero, I’m sure he could make an outline for every latest hero and SEMC could use those instead. Or hell SEMC has great art designers, I’m sure someone can do it.

And please remove the RECOMMENDED pop up. If I want to buy something I will, shoving it in my face is only gonna make me less likely to. :confused:

I realize that the chance someone from SEMC is actually gonna see this is pretty low, so I’m just venting!


If you hate it so much turn it off in settings


I think SEMC will revert to some hybrid of their original UI with new concepts added in. I think they are well aware that despite the work and effort that was spent on the UI, it’s ugly. No one minced words on its unveiling.

Can I do that? I’m on iOS. Still it shouldn’t be something you have to disable, their marketing team needs to get a hold of itself.


No, I think that’s a misunderstanding. You can turn off recommended builds in the settings… but it would be odd to shove annoying ads in your face, with the hidden option to disable them.


He means the one that pops up when you open the game, not the recommended builds one.


When you open the game, and after EVERY frickin match. But their UX “expert” has been a disaster farm, well, forever. The only person in all of semc who underperforms them is the so-called network engineering lead. One can only assume both are personal friend with the company owner or something; nothing else could explain acceptance of literally years of incompetence.

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Oops, sorry for not being clear, what the others said.

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Oh i never got recomended buy ads on android lol

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