Uh... Has no one noticed the New Grumpjaw Skin?

look like demigorgan from stranger things, is cool. Wish we saw a Lorelai skin. Also this is in-game.


I’ve heard about it even before update. ItAllCanWait told about it

That one’s very neat. My favourite interpretation of Grumpjaw, so far - and a good reason to play him more. Except… arrrr enn geh!

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That skin is radical as hell, and it doesn’t even look like something SEMC would make. Pretty impressive.

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SEMC put it on their know 3.1 issues reddit thread :slight_smile:

Wow this is awesome. I’m always wanting more creature/gross/weird stuff in VG.

Well we’ve already got Grumpjaw, period.

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It’s essentially the Tao Teis from the movie “The Great Wall” which features Matt Damon

No, it’s definitely from Stranger Things

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Agree …this is alien from Stranger Things.

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It’s more like the demodogs from season 2

images (1)

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Yeah they are very similar. Both of them are disgusting bastards :grimacing:

Tbh the skin is pretty lackluster in comparison with the art, it’s more of a beige than brown.

How you know this? Is that a leak?

It’s in-game under Grumpy’s skins.

I like it and hope they do a Carnivore skin for Phinn that makes Grump cry

carnivore petal and flicker and fortress too so cute aaah

Unlocked it through a blueprint chest 2 days ago