Two New Charms

Not that I care about them, since they’re a pretty tacky concept and I never use them in games, but I thought it was interesting that I just noticed them.


They’re just not giving up hope that VG esports will be a thing again, are they?

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What’s the meaning of those emojis? CVPL?

I mean VG esports can still be brought back…they just have to miraculously fix the game and gain players

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What? China will have esports but the rest no? Am I missunderstanding something?

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Okay, is it just me, or is it not bizzare that this stuff was not advertised more!?

  • Two new emotes
  • The introduction of “missions” - we’ve had a Poseidon Lance and now a Wu Xing Kestel
  • Events are back, kind of: we have a summer check list

To me, they’re not huge, but they’re a welcomed and refreshing change. All I read from the patch was “look for new ways to earn and save”. I mean, that is technically telling us, but I think some users would be very happy with a few new elements to the game. They’re shooting themselves in the foot!

Well, it’s been clear for quite a long time that their marketing is a train wreck.


VG has continued to have esports despite the collapse of the SEMC-sponsored league a while back. It’s just that the leagues are small and very local.

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These missions aren’t much to write home about. They’re better than nothing for the few who still regularly play, but they’re not going to bring back old players. I don’t see a point in advertising them.

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But they are like “advertising” them only in China, why only there?

They’re local leagues run by organizations in those countries (not SEMC), so there’s no point in advertising them outside the areas where they’re played.

I think it’s because they don’t want to announce and release something people not going to like , Iam ok with them trying to release and be sure it’s ok before announcing and hyping us then they release it half cooked and bugged , the same thing for update time just tweet the update is live don’t type anything estimated .

That’s what beta testing is for, tbqh.

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China has had Esports this entire time. Like it never stopped. That’s what these are for.

They still have paid teams and everything.

edit: this is second hand information. May not be true, but I believe I saw some official streams and stuff a while back as well.

China has the biggest potential market. They have a partnership with NetEase and everything to promote the game there.

Look at AOV, it’s hardly played in NA (most metrics point to about as much as VG). But in China it is huge.