Turn off-show additional indications in the screen/hud (suggestion)

Hi, i would like to share with you a simple idea
There` is an option which is called “show aditional indications in the screen” ( it is located in options/HUD)
If you turn off, you could see the game like this


There is no a “more information” mark in the righ side or the “additional features like joystick mode, etc”, have you seen that aditional lens? If you press it, you can press it youcan increase the resolution of the screen


Obviously, this should not increase the vision, just the resolution and make it optional

What do you think about it?

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You’re under the assumption that turning off certain features will somehow magically effect your device’s ability to increase it’s resolution.

it won’t.

increasing resolution can only be achieved by a device that is capable of doing so. Vainglory, like most games will automatically select the optimum settings for graphics, depending on how much your device can handle.

in other words. you gotta spend some cash to get a better device. there’s no other solution.


hi, im glad to read you, once i tried it playing at samsung S6 and the result was almost the same, you can see my idea in the second picture, maybe im wrong wishing “more resolution” o maybe i have explained wrong. Listen this

As you can see a cinematic video by youtube inyour cellphone ( avoiding the resolution of the device ) it doens`t matter if the device can show you “that” cinematic video
i hope you understand my suggestion about VG

Im not talking about expensive devices, im talking about a visual option in-game, just that

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Cinematic video sounds like you want the option to “zoom” in the see the hero close up and finer details of the map, etc.

Also a device problem.

The zoom function on android is limited to in and out, due to limited capability of the device and SEMC deliberately limiting the function to devices that can handle to fully zoomed in.

I’m not sure what devices support this feature. To the best of my knowledge, it is available to high end ipad pro’s.

playing a video with a hero zoomed in and actually using the zoomed in feature is completely different worlds.

Thanks for your answer, now you gave me a clearly idea
"See the vgs gameplay from far, with more distancy (like the second image), not seeing the hero close up (that couldn improve your gameplay) "

Now i`m aware that not all the devices "can handle it"
thanks for your time

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Not only that but seeing more of the map like in number 2 would not extend your vision of things unless something was there that grants vision

You`re right as i said
Thats my idea
Not increasing the vision, just what you can see (like the image #2 )