Truth - A Kensei Story

Kensei makes it through ban phase.
I gasp. First pick on A side, botlane Kensei. I’ve won. I am the Kensei MASTER after all.
I start the game with Book Blade, and go into lane. My opponent is Cath. Easy. I shove my wave with my Jungler and steal their treant, then go to clear bot jungle and leech ambient. I back and buy a salvo and boots. I’ve won my lane.
I zone Cath from farm. She cannot fight. I am Kensei, god amongst men. If she walks forward, I will strike her down, and if she stays back, I will chop her turret to little ribbons. Her treants are taken by me the moment they spawn, and the only time my opponent is given time to breathe is when I’m taking the weapon buff and gold treant, which are my god given rights.
Poison Shiv, Breaking Point, Travel Boots. I take weapon buff and kill Catherine under her tower before taking the tower itself. She may have Stormcrown, but that won’t help against me. The enemy jungler and mid try to shut me down, but it is too late. Kensho and boots guarantee my escape from any situation. I take the second tower, and buy my Spellsword.
Soon, I have Kinetic Shield, Coat of Plates and Journey Boots, alongside an infusion. I’m really. 6/0/2 and full build on Kensei. Time to kick some as…

Celeste one shot me.
For the first time in the match, I check the scoreboard and discover in horror that my midlaner was 1/12. My top laner has gone for a glass cannon build on Grumpjaw and had gone 2/8. My Captain and Jungler try and hold on, but there’s no denying it. I need more shield.
I buy Aegis, and go to teamfight once more. Infusion, WP buff, full health and mana.
My whole team goes in, and I see an enemy immediately fall over. This is good… this is good…
Suddenly, my whole team is silenced and surrounded. The Cath I thought you shut down slaps me for half health, and the enemy team stacks CC and damage into me and I die.

I take a few deep breaths while respawning and prepare for the next teamfight.

The enemy takes ghostwing and blackclaw. Fantastic. The team kites back as the blackclaw pushes in, but there is no saving us.

Cath ult hits and we try to back off, but Celeste gets blown up instantly. The team decides to counter engage, and I’m left with no choice. I dash through the enemy team, and start slicing skaarfs stubby legs. My team is dying around me, but my BP is stacking up, this is my time. The Glaive desperately tries to afterburn me away from his backliner but unfortunately for him, I use my reflex blo…

He punts me through it.

I go through the five stages of grief during the short stun, before just putting my device down and giving up. Cath stuns me, Skaarf spitroasts me, and I die.

You can carry every ranked game if you’re good enough - Albert Einstein, 2012


I know your feelings


Everyone’s typical soloQ game…