Troll gets mvp

Something is thoroughly wrong with the api sites.
We had an active afk who kept stealing farm and invade enemy jungle while refusing to teamfight. Laughing while we die and avoiding enemy contact.

This guy played like he was playing blitz… He bought w fountain for himself and we were left to 2v3 the entire match.

Only after we won a few convincing fights 2v3 he joined in and kill stealed some kills to boost his stats.

This kind of trolling is so hard to prove… And very frustrating to play with…

The main part of MVP is the KDA and his is 50% more than the second in the game, that’s the reason. Yeah, it’s not perfect and with the data available one could not do a lot more. Can be done something I guess, but yeah.

Eh. I wouldn’t get overly focused on MVP. It’s nothing official and the algorithm that decides who an MVP is varies from app to app. Check your games on say,, and you might see a different result.

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