Triggering Suggestion - Phase out 3v3 entirely and create 5v5 Brawl modes

I know people will get triggered by this, hence the title.

I’m expecting comments like “It will kill of a lot of players”, “How could you eliminate the mode and beautiful map that started it all! You monster!”, and so on and so forth. Let me just say this: I don’t really see the point of people saying what I already know. How about suggesting how to do what I desire?

My reasons behind this are simple (and if you’ve read any of my past suggestions regarding elimination of game modes, you’ll see some of repetition).

So, here are the reasons:

  1. Reduce number of queues.
  2. Reduce game size.
  3. Enable easier balancing of heroes - gear them all up for 5v5 balance only.
  4. Make quick, casual Brawl mode players experience 5v5 through 5v5 Brawl modes.
  5. Introduce a new level of strategy/cheesing for Brawl modes.

Feel free to comment or just shaft the idea into oblivion.

Also, imagine a Brawl game where all the OP stuff gets used. Madness.


Even after nearly 2 years, players are still clueless on how to play Battle Royale on a strategic level. At least with Blitz, it’s clear cut and easy.

Battle Royale requires players to farm and push the enemy to their turret, but NOT kill them.

The idea is to slowly push the turrets and die strategically to buy items.

Never letting the enemy die unless your team can push for a good amount of turrets and advantage is a key aspect I see players failing to understand most of the time.

In other words, they are all kill hungry and kills without gaining any sort of advantage.

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you could just replace ‘5v5’ with ‘3v3’ and ‘3v3’ with ‘5v5’ and i would think this is a good suggestion :smile_cat:


Honestly I don’t mind the eradication of 3v3 for the reasons stated above BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT

5v5 is a mess, so probably nope (for now, at least).
Also they should make Battle Royale an actual battle royale /s

Joking side of me:

Changes Pigstuffs into Trollstuffs.

Logical side of me:

If they do revert back to 3v3 only, I want new maps. I’m getting bored of the Fold even with the skins it has.

Is it though?

I haven’t seen or heard much complain about 5v5 (bar matchmaking woes) in terms of balance. Ever since that mid patch rebalance.

I agree Battle Royale should feel more like Battle Royale.

Short death timers, no farming, infinite Gold, the top 4 with the most kills wins, daily Bronze Chest or Key (player’s choice reward), limited time etc.

I would love to show people the power of a Rare Level 20 Rare Talent Flicker without needing to farm.

No fear! Just fight!

Reminds me of Overwatch’s One for All mode for the Chateau and that ruin from somewhere.

5v5 is terrible for most brawl ideas…to a degree. It depends on the inventiveness of semc. River races? Hide and seeks? One lane pushes? Team splits to make everyone compete against the enemy but onlu in their respective lane until after a certain time i.e. bot vs. top mid vs mid jungler vs jungler and you only get to teamfight after a certain amount of time. But for just general simple brawl 3v3 is better. 3v3 IS the brawl map.

Is this only for brawl modes or in general?

So 3v3 removed completely, so brawl became 5v5. Would you say have the 2 brawl modes as 5v5 and cas and Comp 5v5 as well or 1 brawl mode 5v5 and cas/comp 5v5?

i was making a point on how it doesnt matter which one is removed, the result would be the same- while simultaneously pointing out that neither mode could be removed without causing insane backlash. they might as well just delete and release vainglory 2 4v4 eye control 2 lane map buy now

i prefer 3v3 because if i want 5v5 i will play onmyoji


How could you eliminate the mode and beautiful map that started it all! You monster!


They should have just created a new game with 5v5 being the primary game mode.


I am all for this idea. Sure it kills the thing that started it all, but why keep it if it’s more of a liability rather than an asset?
Imagine it being removed, they could save alot of resources by trimming down the balancing work and hero restrictions like hero being too OP for 3v3.

Tbh, they’re all good reasons. We need to have lower queue times and better matchmaker, and this would help. Balancing is a real issue that needs to be adjusted too.

However, 3v3 is a better mode. It’s far more well developed, far fewer bugs, and it’s better suited for mobile. I think what we need is to get rid of 5v5, keep 3v3, and have a rotational Brawl mode (one queue, gamemode changes every month or update or so (Have Blitz one update, BR the next, then Onslaught, etc).

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And lose all the 3v3 players.

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First, SEMC has to make 5v5 enjoyable for those who het it (including me), otherwise, many people will leave, but if they achieve it, then they cand eradicate it, but until that moment, what you suggest is not possible.

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All I play is 3v3. I am out of practice and intimidated by 5v5 - seems a bit overwhelming…also, 3v3 has been around a long time. Is it more balanced/stable?


If by balanced/stable as in that its still toxic then yes. :rofl: theres so many people that will say they will play a role but be all over the map and not their lane, therefore you lose the entire lane because they aren’t there. or they say theyll captain but actually go cp adagio and your team has no support and get melted in every team fight.

But for real tho, its kinda ok in my opinion. besides the hella long q times and constant toxicity, which will always be a thing, its fine. the 5v5 meta change in my opinion was the best thing to happen to it. Reducing the gold per second makes the game last longer instead of one team getting blackclaw a minute after landing, split pushing, and winning the game because players are almost fully built by the 15-20 min mark.

RE: Kinda 50/50 with the removal of the 3v3 map but adding brawl modes to the Rise is a great idea. My friends and i came up with a game called hunter/prey which is essentially hide seek but with a few special rules. I would love to see that and the other brawls be added to 5v5. but knowing SEMC and how well they listen to their playerbase, it probably wont happen.

Semc wanted 3v3 to die but they failed so finally they decided to give the mode a balanced heroes , so I don’t think 3v3 going to die or removed , I think if semc balance it good probably people going to download vainglory for 5v5 and stay for 3v3 .

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They tried to kill it, but the level of “perfection” it had and the playerbase loyal to it was too much for them, they realised that killing it would kill the game as way too many players would lead.

Thats counter productive, wasted a years work just to trash it for 3v3.

Honestly they should make it where

5v5 is a 20-30 minute game mode
3v3 is a 10-15 game mode

that way it caters to both sides of playerbase