Tribe vs Hammers Analysis

Hammers first pick Chainwalker, they should’ve known that Tony is Churn’s no.1 arch enemy and counter’s his chains so well. They should’ve banned Tony first. Especially how strong he is and can flex WP or Captain. Second ban Grumpjaw, yeh ok sensible ban, can’t fault that one.

They pick Samuel and why wouldn’t they ban Koshka? knowing how strong ttigers is using her. They ban Joule? questionable ban.

bad drafting from Hammers. Good drafting from Tribe.

Tribe ban Taka, Reza and Vox. 2 dive heroes banned to protect the Celeste. Vox is questionable ban, considering they had such a burst heavy comp, it would never get to the late game, but given his meta status, definitely ban worthy.

Surprisingly, BF doesn’t get banned OR picked. He would’ve been a good flex pick and can dive into Celeste. Maybe because he’s not Meta.

At 9:15, (1.30 minutes into the match) Samuel is trying to kill off a burst heavy comp that had a koshka, Tony, Celeste and Idris? yes, he was teamed up with 2 other very low damage output heroes ChurnWalker and Baptiste. 3v4 is never a good idea. Especially when the 4 includes a koshka.

At 20:10, the moment Tribe get’s the ace from all 4 Hammers players over extending trying to kill a Tanky AF Tony under 2 turrets. Grace trying to help when they’re almost all dead was a bad decision.
Over commit is an understatement, it was just blind insanity.

Well, it was doomed from the draft. that’s all i gotta say. Open for discussion.

TLDR hammer are noobs who deserved to lose?

I saw Starboi stream with Gabevizzle on twitch. Even Gabe was surprised with the plays he was making. They was on the same team.

I was under the impression that all Esports teams are made up of the best… Hammers are noobs? Why would they make a team? What’s the incentive? Do you still get something for losing?