Toxicity from people playing overpowered champs feeling entitled

Due to the overpowered nature of certain heros and power creep individuals who are losing to unorthodox champions resort to extreme toxicity and even taking it a step further and sending friend requests with the intent of flaming further

Furthermore proving why some champions should just plainly be deleted and why solo queue is impossible to climb without parties. As im a new user i can only embed once but i have taken multiple SCs of these incidents and are available upon request

This is pretty common in PvP games, tbqh, and you have to learn to deal with it. (It exists on PC as well, but it’s worse on mobile, imo, as the demo skews younger there.)

Some strategies:

  • Constantly maintain your friends list, deleting people at the first sign of toxicity
  • Don’t accept friend requests after a loss, as those are almost always people who want to gloat/trash talk
  • Be positive yourself in chat, as people tend to respond the same way they’re treated
  • Ignore the post match chat
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I own and both play on PC as well. Believe me i know. But i also know the other way to directly help the community is to provide a thread of proof of the code of conduct being broken for both hackers and toxicity

You can contact riot’s support and show them the screenshots you have + explain them what happened, maybe they will punish him. Otherwise pretty much what @hazeleyes said.