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(Pronounced “Mahl-ik”)

Role: Bruiser/Tank
Damage: Medium
Survivability: High
Speed: Moderate
Abilities scale 75% with Weapon Power.

Heroic Perk: Brutality
Every time Malik attacks an enemy hero, he gains a stack of Brutality. Each stack increases his chance of stunning an enemy with a basic attack by 1% and reduces his ability cooldowns for 1 second. However, Malik has a set attack speed, and buying attack speed items will instead increase his CC durations by 0.01 seconds per 10% of attack speed.

A: Shatter
Malik smashes his hammer in a target direction, knocking enemies inside the hit circle up and stunning them. Enemies beside the hit circle are knocked away and take 50% damage. Malik gains 1 stack of Brutality for each enemy hero hit by this ability.
Overdrive: Malik does full damage to targets outside the hit circle, and will also gain an extra stack of Brutality for each enemy stunned.

B: Rupture
Malik ruptured the ground in front of him, causing earthen spikes to burst out of the ground. Each spike stuns and damages opponents upon bursting, and reduces the Move. Speed of enemy heroes that walk into the spikes. The stun duration is increased the farther away Malik is from his target. Malik gains 1 stack of Brutality for each enemy hero stunned.

Ult: Decimate
Malik grabs his target and smashes them away, knocking them away a very long distance and stunning them. The target “smashes” through walls,
And terrain, taking bonus damage and increasing the stun duration for each wall smashed through. Malik gains 1 stack of Brutality for each wall/terrain the target smashes through.
Overdrive: Malik also deals damage to enemies near him when he smashes the target. Malik gains 1 stack of Brutality for each enemy hit.

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