Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


Hey I did do that for a patch or two but my goal was never to “kill” vox but to balance him. My goal was to never kill any hero. =)


Now is a burst mage… can you imagine? They wanted to make Vox a mage who dance around the battlefield and… instead is a mage who has only damage in his ult XD


Hows balancing C&C Rivals? Do you find it easier or more complex to balance?


He died the update before WP appeared, though my theory was that nobody really tried him, because the following update he suddenly became top meta.
Now my boi is dead, which you can tell doesn’t make me happy ;_;

BF doesn’t agree with the last statement though >_>


I did not kill BF lol He was seeing play at all tiers and his win rate was above a 48% (Which is perfectly in the realms of acceptable especially for high skill cap heroes XD)


I would say more complex because I have to balance taking levels into account which just adds an extra dimension.


After removing the slow, the execution and increasing the cooldowns, he died. Haven’t seen him yet even once in ranked, and it’s been… 6 months?
Now, I have a question for you: I know reza was reworked just before it’s release (one of the reasons he was so weak), can I now how his original kit was? I already know he was supposed to be a warrior.


Not the same here in NA. I see BF occasionally. Not quite enough to be often, but I see him. Moreso in 3v3 than 5v5.


Look I don’t know how it is now but when I left the company last august (Which is more than 6 months ago) he was still seeing plenty of play in upper tiers and that was after his nerf to his execute and slow. With heroes like that you need to keep them on a very fine line in addition that line moves based on item and other hero balance. Without data its hard to say but its likely the nerf of breaking point and serpents mask is what killed him. Hes an item based hero.

As for Reza you clearly DONT know what he was intended to be. =P He was intended to be a mage not a warrior. In fact his code name was just “fire mage”. He went through several different kits and abilities. Like a projectile fire tornado that expanded with distance (sucked at close range and broken at far range) , a fire bola that stunned (Was ok but was just a point and click nuke that stunned after 2 seconds) and a “living bomb” passive that spread like a virus (This one was hella toxic and frustrating to play against XD). Characters go through several kits and renditions usually.


What? A dev told me he was going to be a warrior, I’ve been lied!

Uffff, I would love to try that and tilt those who don’t destroy the vain just to laugh at their opponents. Go away petal! A new demon son has entered!

Another question: what’s the hero that has been the hardest to predict how strong it was during the beta in its release? And the most nerfed/buffed?


Churnwalker. A hero who’s effectiveness is based on your teammates. Largest buff was probably grumpjaw? We had to change how is passive worked completely. Largest nerf? Grace probably unless you wana go all the way back to Vox on release.

Btw the living bomb virus worked on minions as well. Not fun to play against. It was also useless if they were by themselves or if they knew to separate.


Churnwalker doesn’t surprise me XD
I don’t have any more questions right now, thanks for the answers :slight_smile:
Hope they didn’t annoyed you.


Your welcome. Na your good. Happy to respond. :slight_smile:


Nivmett, what’s your favorite Skaarf skin??


Ice Queen skaarf :joy::rofl:



Skaarf my favorite hero right now I build him like old days

Eve+CW+DE+BM I have all skaarf skins but I like ice one the most


which was your favourite and least favourite unreleased hero abilities? (If you are allowed to tell us)
Also whos clothes do you think are the most spectacular and when are you going to propose to petal?


Either Nyan cat skaarf or hobo pigeon T2 skaarf =D


There was a move long time ago I made on a hero that made that never made it into game. It was a passive that stated when ever you use an ability it would release a pulse and auto target heroes in a certain radius around you and your next 2 auto attacks would fire homing missiles from your missile pack on your back in addition to your normal auto that would hit those heroes. (I designed it with the scene from Iron Man where he frees the hostages in mind) The missiles would not hit the person you are auto attacking and only 1 could fire per hero. :slight_smile:

Tonys clothes are legit and never. I want her no where near me. XD


its ok. i also think petal is truly too good and wonderful for marriage to a mortal.

what was your least favourite ability?