Tony's abilities revealed

Check out @vainglory’s Tweet:
any reaction. seems a normal hero for me but a great addition in the roster.

Looks fun and super tanky. Dashing to a hero 3 times in a row would create some cool strategies, it’s similar to Ozo, but this one have a stun at the end instead.

I can see something like: Your allies are trying to escape from a teamfight, so you dash to go behind them, then you taunt. You’re going to die, but at least all of your other members are saved :+1:

I’m still not sure how his ult can be useful though, unless it’s heavy on damage (Edit: Looking at the video, it doesn’t do much damage :confused:) . I’ll have to do more thinking.

Definitely a teamfight hero. I don’t see him wining in a 1v1.

He actually looks like a good 1v1 hero

He has his health barrier and since the enemy will be attacking him anyway he can use his taunt to get the damage reduction. Also his a is single target and eats extra damage. It seems like it would be on a reasonably short cooldown maybe 8 seconds? His ult is probably best ina teamfight though. Unless you use it to escape or shove the enemies away from you so you can run away.

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True, he could also use his taunt to bring the enemy to his turret, then finish him off with his A.

Top lane Tony.

He has a barrier to tank damage. He has a taunt to keep enemies in turret aggro range. Build attack speed to get the stun off while they are still in turret range. Win lane.

I looks like his Ult is ground targeted so he basically has an AOE Glaive Afterburn.


Biggest enemy controller in the game.
A has a stun
B has taunt forcing enemies to attack you.
C aoe displacement which might interrupt skills much like a big joule Leap.

Most CC in a single hero ever!!!

Captain for sure especially with the damage reduction.

Target the ult behind the enemy to push them into turret after Taunt lmao


He would be good in lane against melee laners

This dude, Baptiste, CP Cath in one team, GG WP

What happens if you fear and taunt at the same time. Does it break reality?


No you just play Phinn and shrugg it off and then smash them because you are CP Phinn not captain Phinn :rofl:

I believe taunt will cancel fear, because it is instant with no travel time to get to the target, like fear which needs to travel a certain distance.

Was watching a twitch pbe streamer using Tony last night.

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Any remarkable feats? Can taunt disrupt channeling skills?

Yes it can, but the range is quite short and needs anticipation or really quick reflexes.

His ult is great for disrupting churnwalker chains or just any group of anything really… The pbe tester was just messing about ulting minions making them fly like fireworks.

His A is such a good gap closer. He’s tanky AF. But against bots, it’s a little biased… Will be interesting to use in a real Pvp

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Very useful response. Helps me theorize. He seems like a combination between cath and Ardan playstyle wise or is that far off?

With how you described it, fear will cancel taunt.

When Bapt fears and Cath stuns Bapt right after, Bapt is stunned but the fear continues despite his status.

I think the instant taunt will happen and as Bapt goes to attack, the fear will hit Tony, negating the advantage for Tony, possibly giving it to Bapt depending on how long through the animation the fear is.

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Can you imagine a displacement team?
CP Joule/Baptiste
WP Glaive
Captain Phinn/Churnwalker

Replace Joule with CP Bapt and have Lance go WP

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Apparently churnwalker and Tony ults don’t mix… Tony’s ult separates the enemy, allowing some to escape.

Good if the enemy is churnwalker though.