Tony Spotlight is out

he has an awesome taunt animation imo, but his teleport is weird. just add rockets to your forearms and try to hold them straight up while they are firing.

he sounds quite fun and his ult adds an interesting, afterburn-like, ability to the game.
it seems like semc is starting to do this more and more:
a or b abilities get a variant as an ult for another hero.
currently: graces heal, tony throwback, lorelais barrier (here a mix of two abilities)

this is really interesting, as it ensures that certain effects cant simply be banned in draft by just taking out one hero and it allows us to counter a certain trick by simply using the same trick either in a stronger or weaker version.
on the one side it looks a bit boring and repetitive and on the other side, you can now make an entire team around the knockbacks of tony and glaive, adding more draft strategies.


I agree i love having multiple shots at certain mechanics.

We need more Fear.


The day my waking life becomes a mechanic.

Don’t be such a Kelpian.
Get your ganglia in order…

The knockback is fking huge. Tony should never be allowed together with ardan.

What? You don’t want CP Ardan and support Tony blowing up entire teams?

@Gatorrex bring back gauntlet bug. Cd Ardan with Tony hahaha penta kill in 1 move.

Ardan tony lanc knoccbacc montega


Maybe we’ll see a Berserk or “basic attack nearby allies - debuff” in the future.
Corpus already had Waking Nightmare, right? It’s not like SEMC hasn’t thought about it.

So I’m not sure about his Ult, when used it actually launches enemies away, a fair distance. Which s fine when you’re peeling for allies but not so great when your team fighting. Be careful when you use it is my advice.

Yeah. There are a lot of heroes he won’t play well with such as Vox, Varya, CW, etc if you Ult poorly. He should play well with a comp of assassins and heroes who 1v1 well. Breaking up groups to allow teammates to take favorable matchups without the incoming fire of their counters is a strong mechanic.

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Tony is wearing a necklace with name Anton. Who is Anton actually?

That’s not what I saw…
23 AM

lol but actually, it’s AHTOH but I don’t know what that’s for.
38 AM

Maybe a clue for future lore?!

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The name is written in Russian. Is there a hero from Russia? Oh wait…Koshka means cat. Lol

Or maybe Anton is just Tony’s boyfriend…lol

Ahhh awesome. So his full name is Anton, and he goes by Tony. Cool!

Do you mean Anthony? For his real full name…

Anton’s a version of Anthony, but I think usually considered a full name on its own. We’d have to ask SugarVenom for the full scoop though.

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I used tony ult on crytal miner, he flew from his spot to the kraken spot lmao. That was like outside my screen. The ult pushes players to places i cant even see.

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Yeah you CS stun ppl into walls etc but it’s hard to use. Seems more like a peel ability to me, for example preventing our team from being dived on my. Koshka,Krul etc.

Yeah but it pushes them away a little too far away. Its range is longer than phinn’s hook.