Tony a brawler?

So I bought Tony today and have seen him in action a lot.

I understand his mechanics and took him to a ranked match.

His A and B skills are intuitive enough and form a mini CC chain when you chain your A attacks and throw in a B to stay on target.

His Ultimate really requires physical contact so it is a skillshot when aiming it much like his B.

Early to mid game you can take a lot of punishment through your perk and B but lategame you just can’t handle a full build hit as well let alone from several enemies.

He is an early game hero who falls of lategame much like Glaive because he cannot engage without being blown up.

He is not ban worthy because he is lacking in all regards to be great at anything. He is strong but far from OP in my book.

What do you guys think? I hear very little about Tony nowadays…

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He’s honestly one of my favorite heroes right now, I’ve been having a blast with him. He can delete squishies early/midgame with ease and his tankiness is great. Additionally, his B has some really interesting synergies with other heroes’ abilities, such as Grace’s Holy Nova, for example. His ult is also really great because of it’s ability to make huge plays if used property.

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Yeah the ult is great for either isolating one player, disengaging, and comboing with Ardan’s ult

It can also work fairly well for pushing enemies into the turrets’ range if there are any nearby and it can prevent GJ from putting a swallowed ally in a bad position, like Afterburn but to a much larger extent.

Kek try ulting enemies over a long wall and killing their other ally they were fighting with like I did once :^)

He is the first hero I have bought for glory and not played at all. He just seems boring and he is perma-banned in rank.

I find Tony boring, except for his ult which is absolutely hilarious. However, his A and B are kinda one dimensional. Maybe he’s more fun as captain, as I only really played him as a laner.

For all intents and purposes, I’d say grump jaw fills his jungle role a lot better.

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I played him in 3v3 ranked , i got someone wanted to saw so i decided to roam tony , the third guy wanted jungle so he went the worst pick but i dont care i wanted to see tony saw pressure , i think tony works very well with saw because you can use your B to pull enemy to saw range , or third hit with A to stun one , or your ult to save him from a gank , his B can be used to prevent a gank if you use your A to speed boost and get behind enemy then taunt them and pull them away from saw .

But i get churnwalker feels when i play him , he needs some buffs to fill the roam position.

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The real power is deciding when to do your third A hit in between your B…

Bought him. played him. feels very underwhelming.

Maybe because I had watched him being played with his steam punk skin… the rocket propelled animation makes a difference, imo

Any enemy who wants to disengage or an enemy who overextends just a bit can be drawn in through taunt.

You can reset your perk with B too so mid fight you can tank up any hit. It is not fortified hp it is a barrier so taunting an enemy while you are at 5% can save you even though the enemy will attack you.

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Imo his skills animation looks boring, unflashy.


Why would anyone ever pick Tony over Baptiste?

Mobility and tankiness over lifesteal and cc.

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He’s really balanced actually. Gj semc.

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Tony is actually loaded with CC

In that case, why would anyone pick Tony over Grumpjaw? He has both of those but in greater supply.

Tony has more reliable safety measures has an ult that can affect 5 people instead of one and he has WP ratios.

Tony has escape options that Grumpjaw lacks. Tony can disengage better and force enemies to stay engaged.

Want to talk about a boring kit? Grumpjaw has the least interesting kit in the entire game!

I find Tony’s ult knockback to be OP, but overall as a brawler hero he is balanced. Using him right, he shines, but he’s not OP to the point that he’s exceptional regardless of how you build him. He needs some understanding to survive latr game.

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Churnwalker doesn’t need a buff you just need competent carries. Churnwalker is ridiculous with good carries.

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