To That Salty Reim That Tried (And failed) To Throw Our Match

As usual, because I go my meta bae lorelai, this salty pos Reim decides to start warning spam pinging me almost 3 mins into game. Mind you I got FIRST KILL while his turret was being invaded by minions in bot. So this fool decides to come to mid lane for no reason other than to do a checkup on me or something and is utterly useless as his turret is being invaded. My salt level now rises to pinging his useless behind back to his turret, where he promptly dies.

Lol. So this continues with him and our top laner coming to mid being useless until their turrets get taken of course. Meanwhile they’re doing nothing but either running into walls of enemies and dying or running away.

We get to end game and we hold the enemy off enough to all spawn as they rush in base and get 4 kills and this dumby decides ‘no, lets NOT go get the dragon now with 5 seconds left on the timer and 30+ seconds on 4 enemy revive timers, nah lets sit in base and ping the Adiago that’s ALL THE WAY AT HIS ENEMY INNER TURRET, and walk around in circles’.

Oh, and to make it better, our top laner goes and joins while our jungler goes roaming. I ping spam the dragon, and what does this wad do because I guess he felt tilted that I was doing better than him all game?

Sit in base and refuse to move while just me and our capt & finally the jungler and top laner release dragon, sits in base while we’ve had 2 enemies respawn & the other 2 on the way, sits in base and doesn’t do anything until the dragon is at the armory. Then decides to waltz in at the end and not help with any fighting. Mind you if I didn’t secure the crystal myself and die in the process we would have lost as all my other teamates but him died or were pushed back.

This is why I love Vainglory players nowadays. All day. Every day. Thanks bud, for giving me the sweet satisfaction of shoving your salt in your face. And nope, didn’t need your honor either so good job not giving it to the guy that swayed almost every teamfight in our favor. Real stand up guy, you are.

You missed a golden opportunity to use her remote on him

Let me tell you how beautiful some people that play this game are.

I had a game where I picked mid as lorelai because she struggles without vision on bushes . This guy picks cp phinn for mid instead. I’m looking at the enemy lineup and I’m like why would you pick a cp melee hero with no reliable range in mid. I said screw that and went mid.

Enemy invaded jungle, no help, allies keep abandoning top as phinn jungles and steals health i desperately need battling 2 on 1 trying to get a kill, pinging me smiley faces.

I die as he pings me, ping them back, and leave him in mid to go struggle top where he was doing fine while he was there. Fastforward to all of us dying and losing almost all our turrets because enemy snowballed and we get an ACE in our base. A fking ace when we’re so far behind and got 2 dragons unleashed on us already i think. I go straight to blackclaw.

No one follows. All roaming. Whole enemy team is dead. I literally sat there for almost 30 seconds pinging ok as the enemy team revived one by one, proceeded to come steamroll us, and we lost. They come in 5 seconds off the last enemy respawn and proceed to attack blackclaw. You know what happens next as everyone trickles in. Fun times in Vainglory man. Fun times.

Oh and then there’s the next game where my whole team walks past a sole ringo whose got dragon at nearly a sliver of health to chase a lyra. A LYRA. We lost dragon with a clear 5v1 advantage over the need to just kill an annoying lyra. I’m packing it up for the day.

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