Title and Badges help

WHen I go to change my title badge, I only see Raiders of the Lost Forum and Early Adopter and I have Curators of the Vain already set. Also, I cannot change my title for any groups I’m in so I can represent #TeamGwen. My badges list also looks empty when I wanna update it on my account settings even tho I have plenty of badges

EDIT: Just noticed the Team Gwen badge under my avatar kek

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Try clearing your title (set it to blank) … it’s supposed to set it to Team Gwen, but it looks like it’s getting overridden.

This is still all I see after setting it to blank and the CotV title is not even there :wutx3::wutx3::wutx3::bacon_tears:

Yeah, that’s because you can only select a badge title there, and this is a group. Idk, we’ll have to see if it works for someone who doesn’t already have a title.

EDIT: btw, I just saw your user profile bg … lmao

Well i dont know how i can use my anti saw signature here
I think there is no signatures , so how about a title if i cant use the signature

Nope, no signatures in Discourse. There are a couple places you can put free text on your profile, though – those will show up if someone views your profile card or your full profile.

Wow i visited your profile too much information read time and visited time , rip our (offline status) members in the og forum they can be exposed hehehe.

So if i put the signature in the profile card , it shows only if they go inside my profile and look for it ?

How do I change my title to a group’s name?

Correct. There’s a description field plus a “Free Text Field”, iirc.

It’s supposed to do that automagically, but it obviously isn’t. I can probably make a temporary badge that fixes that.

Well title badges can override the group badge, so I think group badges should be included in the title badge menu ;-;

Yeah, but they’re not. Just the way the software is written, tbh.

It’s fixable. Give me a couple min, writing the badge query now.

Ok, the badge should be there now, I think. You might need to edit something on your profile to trigger the system to check if you’re eligible.