Timeline of Skin Deals

Did I miss this in a 4.3 patch topic? I’m particularly interested in learning about a timeline for Ylva’s skin to have a deal.

I am nervous that it’ll require the full ICE price, and then then 20% rebate. I’m hoping it seels for 20% off up front - otherwise, I won’t have the ICE.

I’ve made the personal choice to stop spending money on the game.

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I haven’t heard anything about the schedule. Can’t remember, was Ardan’s skin a full-price/rebate deal?

The idea of the rebate is to make people buy ice and get extra free ice , because they want people buy ice , so they not going to make a discount , especially for new skins , but for older skins you going to see discounts , new skins all about the new selling strategy (rebate) , so they saying choose between buying ice and get the rebate or try your luck with the skins chests rng.

Lul I pretty much got free ice and Ardan’s skin from lucky rng

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Given that since update 4.0 all new skins has come with the rebate system, the chances of them using a different one for Ylva are extremely low, specially when they’ve already use the rebate one with Ardan.