Time for the smurf I guess

5 matches of 10 minute LPQ. Guess it’s finally time to whip out that smurf acc again. I’m jumping ship! Rip my main, I’ll never actually be able to play another match there again. I think the LPQ time is longer than I have left to live, but it’ll follow me after even death. It’ll be the CAUSE of my death. I’ll have to wait to die because I’m stuck in LPQ. I just want to play my damn blitz matches SEMC, what the f* Cc K

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or I could just watch Netflix… lmao jokes on you SEMC I’m waiting for Q times either way

you could watch netflix while waiting for the timer…

Or how about watch the timer while waiting for Netflix?

Hold on


How’d you get the 10 minute lpq?

afk I think. there’s a lot of pop-ups that I just skip through when I open the app, it probably said it on one of those. Honestly I left one blitz match because I had better shit to do and we were getting smashed anyway, and I bet they all reported me to blow off the salt. It’s the second time I’ve been slammed into LPQ this month though (past 30 days, not last 5 days) so I bet that’s why it was so high.

They reported you because you couldn’t be bothered to stay around to the end of a 5 minute game. :roll_eyes:

I’d have reported you too.


This. If you go AFK from a five minute match, I report you without a second thought. I usually refrain from down-voting, but if you can’t even be bothered to finish a match you decided you could play less than five minutes ago? No salt, just be a decent human being.

Not completely directed at you, @thace . I’ve just had so many AFK in Brawl modes, recently.


@hazeleyes @Moose I’d have reported me too, it’s just the fact that the LPQ punishment is so intense for one of my first offences. And for a BLITZ match no less. It’s not like it was a ranked game, or casual. If it was, I would have stayed until the end. I’m not usually one to afk. But after asking to surrender multiple times in close to a 0-13 point game, I was pretty done with it. Constant respawning, I got maybe a minute of play time total with nothing more to do than watch my teammates facecheck the bushes we all anyway knew contained the fed Krul and level 7 epic talent Ardan.

Blitz and Br become incredibly toxic nowadays with people trying hard for real no reason kind of annoying really.

I wish I could go back to 3v3 casual because that was always been my favourite mode and always will…

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But even in casuals people tryhard. There was a game i played where it got so competitive that i thought it was a ranked and i went to check how much elo i gained and was confused because i thought it was ranked XD. But thats VG for you.

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