Tier 8-9 Player Looking for active guild or team

Hello VG Community Forums,
My name is jhay02 and i have been playing Vainglory for a while. First picked up the game after seeing a YouTube video right as the NA release for Android went public. The game then was only 3v3. no brawl modes, and no 5v5 map. So much has changed in the game as well as myself as a player. That brings me to the point of this post. The search for an active guild made up of similar skilled players who are looking to increase their skills, widen the variety of those skills, climb the ranks, and most off all enjoy playing together in a non-toxic environment. Currently i am Simply Amazing Gold and have been in PoA bronze this season on few different occasions. I prefer to lane (IF i had my choice “Bot Lane”) but will play any position needed, and have basic understanding and some skill on majority of heroes available as of update 3.8. (ALL Heroes unlocked on this account) Any guild or teams interested hit me up. will have IGN in the NA region listed below. message me here @ the forums or u can request in game. :wink:

IGN: jhay02