Thoughts on recoloured skins + blueprint system

I thought the first time they did recoloured skins was already poorly recieved (the firework skaarf skins), but maybe thats also because they were incredibly overpriced. But then theres the lyra skins which are almost recolours but at least have some model changes, then the rainbow skaarf skins which the grey 10 summer key one is a big oof. Then the summer cath skins which still has no way of getting them unless you tried for 5% rng drop chests? Then next the cyber krul skins.

Idk i feel like this is just lazy. Multiple skins for one model, no difference in animations. And they all get the SE tag which gives maximum sunlight, maybe smec realized rare and epic skins get bamboozled by the sunlight system devaluing them.

Ugh, i hate how new skins are only available through rng chests and every other skin requires blueprints which you cant get with essence, unlike the old system of crafting cards. I can have all the essence in the world (and i do), but i cant get any skin with them if i cant get a non-dupe blueprint. All the new skins are just behind rng and it made me not care at all about any new skins coming out.


Agreed the new Krul skins could have been done better especially. In my book the Rainbow Skaarf skins have an excuse because they are different breeds of cats that spit out rainbow but the Krul skins could have each had their own color changes. Only Krul Prime HAS to have different changes because the other ones stay relatively close to Krul’s original color scheme (blue sword, blue smite). The only changes that these skins can have would be a unique voice, but the voice won’t be unique among themselves.

But, I might have to say the recolored skins might not go well with community. I mean its better than releasing only one skin. Think of it this way. I play warframe and we can customize like everything. Anything that you get in that game is customizable. So coming back to vainglory, let’s take a case here. For example, you really like the model for the new skin but hate the colour on it. You want something else but don’t have a choice so you end up not buying it. But now the system has same skin in multiple colours, this will result in sales for SEMC and the recolours are just easier to make. I know I’m trying to defend SEMC here, but I want to give them a chance. They have been experimenting with the community and I like the change.

I will like to say, though RNG is pretty much shit, it is kind of fair in telling you what your chances are, and much as it may suck to not have the skin a person wants, at least we get to play the damn game for free. Its a f2p. If a person isn’t spending any money to support they have no right to complain. But since we have @Gatorrex here I’m pretty sure he has spent some money on the game we all love.
If you want a skin then buy it directly for ice when it comes out like I do. And just download “Google opinion reward” this way you can earn real life cash that can only be spent in google play store or in this case to buy in game currency. This way you support the game and get your favourite skin by skipping the RNG.

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I don’t mind recolors. It means more options for player. Also I don’t consider Lyra’s three moon skins recolors.


everybody has a right to voice his or her opinions and no one should think less of them, because they havent spend money on the game.

actually, the opinions of free players are way more interesting, because those are the players you want to turn into paying players.

the issue here is simple, yet hard to solve. we can play this game for free, BUT we can also play a shit ton of other games for free. some of them are even better than vg and then there are all the ther things we could do with our time. semc needs all players, without the free ones the game would be unplayable for all the paying ones. thats why they try to give every player just enough to let them stick to the game and eventually start paying.

i think semc is doing this wrong. by locking every new contend behind an insane rng wall, they make it unattractive for ALL players. they completly turn off the players who sticked to them for years, who are really invested into the game and who are the most likely to buy ice frequently, who help other players, who make up a good part of the upper tiers…

multiple colours isnt a bad idea, its just badly executed and they way semc tries to sell them is a joke at best.
the skaarf skins: why would i buy all 5 for the golden one? i can only use one of them after all. this was a nice excuse to make an insanely overpriced skin.
the new skaarf skins: why would i ever exchange 10 keys for one skin when i already have the bp version?
the cath ones arent better. why open the chest beyond the first skin? i get nothing from owning more than one of them.

tl;dr: the bp are worse as motivation, i would even say they dont act as one at all, due to their randomness.
multicoloured skins should be a thing without that rng stuff (buy one get all or buy the basic and buy the colour you want for a small opal price)
we need a bonus for the number of skins we own or the number of skins we own for one hero. otherwise semc has a hard time selling skins for heroeas that already have a t3 skin.
i dont care about the new krul skins, i already have a t3 skin for him.


Exactly, i no longer spend money because rn i dont feel its necessary for me to cuz of semcs direction they’re headed in.

Recolors are o k… but i just dont want them to make my skin scroll wheel longer than it needs to be.

What i brought up by this

Plus some of the recolors (Cyber Krul and Cyber Krul Prototype) are barely different.


I honestly hate them, I understand that they need to make money, but this way is just lazy, one per season to do the same as skaarf? (One of them in the BP, other with events and another as a normal skin) okey, I like it, 1 every single update? Not even near.
Also, just because they are SE doesn’t make them give the entire sunlight bonus.


I’ve always wanted to be able to choose a skin and then choose what effects to have on it and such. I’ve always wanted T2 Rona model with T3 Rona animations on A and B.

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Agree with all said. Lazy skin creation and for the price asked in real money - they need to change animations, effects and model, not just recolor existing one.

Also the new system is bad for new players, but super bad for old ones that had most. Now I have close to 100 000 essense and didn’t receive a single blueprint of a skin I don’t have and how could I, I have most of them - around 10.


That could actually boost skin sales drastically, but I’m not sure it’s possible to simply copy/paste existing animations to a different skin.
It would definitely work with alternate voice-lines and sound-effects, though.

It’s an excellent idea, and I would personally love to put some of Skaarf’s Sparkler animations on different skins, for instance.
There’s just so many options for customization there, and it would make even skins you don’t like worthwhile for their animations. Corsair Krul with the Shark animation from the Beach Party version? Hells yeah!


Don’t know if it’s possible, was just an idea I’ve had for a long time. I never suggested it either though.

It’s quite strange that they are so selective in which skins to recolour. There are just so many skins they could choose.

IMO it does Cheapen the skin and makes me not want it. This is just my personal opinion and I know there are plenty of other players who really love the option of having so many colours.

I don’t want to repeat above posts, other than to say I agree with all points.

There seems to be a trend happening… each hero will eventually get skins with multiple colours.

Whispers in your ear
“They need purchases cuz they goin broke”

issa joke… hopefully

I wish they had lore for cyber krul proto into cyber krul into the prime version, it might make recolours less lazy.


Just make recolours legendary and make instantly purchasable directly

They should do something for us with more essence than we know what to do with. I literally crafted Epics and Rares I won’t use just to use up essence

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Nah, they don’t care. It’s by design. They give away so much essence because they purposely made it practically worthless. I craft skins as soon as I get blueprints too because there’s no point in holding onto my essence when I’ll never run out.

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Literally me :upside_down_face: I was farming the event and i got 4/5 of my collected blue prints as duplicates. Like add more to my hoard

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Im years late to this but the problem is still there: the blueprint system kills the hype for new skins. Ive spent quite a bit in the past, but completely stopped spending after the mystery chests became a thing, because i absolutely hate rng gatcha systems. The thing about the old card system is you could basically straight up buy any skin if you had enough essence. It would cost you more (3x more essence crafting cards compared to destroying them), but it meant you were able to grind for the exact skin you wanted, without needing to go through rng systems. Rare skins were easy to craft, you only needed to destroy 4 legendary cards to get one. Epic skins were harder to craft, and legendary the hardest, and probably where most people spent their money on. The skins were much more expensive back then, but at least you could lower the cost using your essence and cards you grinded. Lower tier skins were easier to get, higher tier skins were harder to get. Now compared to the blueprint system, skins of all tiers are equally difficult to get, and becomes harder to get as you own more and more skins. Getting a non-dupe rare blueprint is as difficult as getting a non-dupe legendary blueprint, and you cant use your essence until you get the blueprint. I didnt care when ozo got his skin after so long, and i wont care if lorelai got a skin, because i still wont be able to get their blueprints to craft them. I wont spend ice or money on rare or epic skins, they give less sunlight bonus and i wont use those skins anymore if i had a higher tier skin. And probably the biggest reason why i stopped spending at all: Every skin, charm, heroes and unlockables are behind rng systems that give duplicates. You get more duplicates if you own more of them, so why would i spend money on something if it reduces the chances i get non-dupes? I wont buy charms because i can eventually get them in a drop. If i bought every charm, then those drops would become worthless dupes. I wont open any chests i have until a new hero comes out, because that gives me a chance of getting a non-dupe hero drop. Same goes for skins. If i bought them, the blueprint for that skin that i might get in future would become another worthless dupe. It wouldnt be a problem if the entire market isnt centered around rng chests, but unfortunately it is.

All the recolour SE skins (including the lyra skins) give off the maximum sunlight bonus.


Agree with pretty much what everyone else said, I don’t see a reason to spend money on the game beyond buying the BP anymore.