Thoughts on Gwen?

I think she is one of the better heroes currently, especially with the tension bow buff. With the WP Buff in 5v5, and her being a really good early game bottom laner, I find her snowball potential to be really high. So far, all the games I’ve played her in have been going in my favor.
Also, that skin.

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Yeah, her and Ringo are great for bottom lane.

Wait, which is bottom lane?

The one on the top…

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Hey smart ass, the map is inverted for each team. Unless that changed in 3.0.

The lane in the bottom is bottom lane, ez.
No matter what side you are, it will automatically reverted so bot lane is always at the bottom.

Probably even better to say that bottom lane is the one closest to your team’s WP buff.

Bottom (enemy top) and top (enemy bottom) can be a little confusing.

She is really good this patch from what I’ve seen so far as well. Her burst is pretty insane, and is even more effective with the nerfs to defence items.

I sense a nerf incoming.
TB SB BP TM basically 2 shots any carry and even roams if you have enough stacks.

I was surprised she was buffed in 3.0 to be honest, she was already pretty strong in 2.12.

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Gwen is solid and is excellent into assassins and heroes that rely on stealth and ganks. She doesn’t lay down that much dps because of how her kit works (she needs time to reload to get those empowered hits in and in combat, you don’t have the luxury if waiting) so much of her appeal comes from heavy burst and ability to kite and peel. Her slow is terrific for zoning and her skedaddle can get her out of any tight jam if used properly. She effectively has a built in reflex block.

Gwen rewards players that can CS and teams that bounce ahead. She struggles hard if she falls behind on items.


Played her in bottom lane a few matches , she is really good. She does well against junglers like koshka, glaive , krul due to her inbuilt reflex block and can kite them easily. She can roam the map easily and had vision and slow with her A and some utility with her ult so I think she will be back in the meta after a long time.

Hey now, if someone is rude to you there’s no need to return it to them too. Just move on.

To answer you, though, the map is inverted for each team and that hasn’t changed - the bottom lane for your team will always have the weapon buff and gold toad / treant on your side. The opposing team’s side has the crystal buff and the river shop. The same is true, reversed, for your top lane.

The only difference in placement is where Ghostwing / Blackclaw are in accordance to your side.

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I find her to be in a sweet spot for mid lane. CP Gwen pairs well with Spellfire, and with the added speed for roaming, she’s a perfect mid game ganker/roamer. The chaotic nature of 5v5 allows her to stay in the backline safely and pokes a lot, while Aces high does wonder for locking down targets as follow-up CC and providing a juicy burst. Her wave clear is nothing too impressive, but good enough with A and perk, but it will require a teammate or two to ensure securing objectives reliably.
Overall, it feels really rewarding to manage my rotations well with Gwen in the mid lane, you just have so much control over the flow of the match.

What i really want to say is “lmao 1k damage, ez onehitko” and don’t know about CP Gwen gonna try it