This whole lane "support" fad needs to die

I’m getting sick and tired of someone taking my jungle instantly, seeing someone then autolock a roam Catherine (I’m seriously getting to the point where I see Catherine locked in on my team and I just resign myself to another loss), and so I’m stuck laning. I go to lane, the stupid Catherine follows, then in the early game when I’m trying to freeze toward my turret and farm for a later point in the game where my carry role really comes into play, they just run in and auto the minions, often taking last hits for themselves.

I am SICK OF IT. Get the hell out of my lane and go follow your jungler like a good little support. Your “help” is not wanted OR needed here. And just stop playing Catherine altogether if you’re new to support, play Lyra or something easy. You can build all the support items and pretend you’re supporting but you don’t even have the brain to stun properly. You just run in blindly throw out a 13 second cooldown and then we get slammed with a full channel Skaarf ult that you could have saved that interrupt for. Well done. Oh, and another thing. As someone who mains support in ranked. Don’t use your fountain when I’m at 90% hp for the love of everything that is holy in this world. Just STOP. If you’re going to play the least played role of the game, congrats. But make sure you actually know what you’re doing so you’re not wasting my time.

And one more thing. That Catherine I just played with. You are the WORST player I have ever seen in this game. You popped fountain at 90% hp on YOURSELF, you didn’t bother using that crucible ever, you engaged fights when the carry was low on health, you didn’t stun ANYONE when it was useful, you went for dives when the enemy Lance was full health, and the list goes on and on. Maybe this game just isn’t for you. Find some mindless AAA first person shooter or something, because I NEVER want to see you in this game again. Please, do everyone a favor, including yourself.

Thanks for the giggle m8. Funny read

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Damn where’s the funny rating?

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b-bad day?

good lord just let me post without needing 30 chars

Yeah, not a bad day so much as I’m frustrated with the repeated losses without being able to play the two roles I excel at. I went into ranked again after this though and won two games in a row as support going flawless. Both games I had equal gold to our carry without farming all their minions -_-

My complaint here is when people take supports, go lane, and don’t know how to lane.

Go play Bots then if you can’t deal with normal players.


So what you’re saying is everyone should start a SAWport meta? Cool gotchu

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This is so odd - I never get any support help. I could be 2v1 mid lane the whole game, pinging help, and I guess they shrug because Im a CP Vox or Sam (just my most used mid laners) and should be fine

I haven’t been blessed with a gank for days and can’t remember the last time I heard the sound of that beautiful fountain. I rush eve and def, rotate to other lanes at least twice as much as either bot or top, and forever rage at Kruls/Koshkas who can come under my turret, kill me, and make it away

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i think this is for 3v3

op, have you tried pinging danger on minions (only a few, don’t spam it bc spamming is rude)

You’re right, it’s for 3v3 and yes I do try that but they never listen. I guess in lower tiers people don’t realize that constant pushing with a weaker early game hero is a bad move.

Haha, the worst is when you’re 2v1 for the entire laning phase and when you warp back to heal and buy stuff the roam and jungle farms the lane and pushes the minions in the enemy side of the lane, they leave, and the opposing laner freezes it, and you’re still stick in a 2v1.

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