This Guild is Super Annoying to Fight Against Sometimes


This is what SEMC decided to incentivize. This is what they got. These people pay the bills, and in the end, that’s all that matters.


@Bobmax Now, now, let’s not get hasty… oops, delete button pressed.


@slothslayerlawl Well, everyone has their own reasons to play VG, be it solo, in a team or in a Guild.

To me, I don’t mind what the KOBs are doing. It’s annoying to fight against specific cheese comps with the Talents they pick, but I generally don’t see them much outside of times closer to their prime time now that I recall my matches.

At least they are giving SEMC a bit of money.

The Talents they have picked from what I’ve seen (usually a composition of Ardan’s Legendary and Silvernail’s Legendary which works in tandem to nail someone in place forever, and Kestrel’s Rare which when paired with the above two, can safely secure objectives even more than own it’s own, which something considering it’s at level 20) are on the team based oppression side of things.

Thank goodness I have yet to encounter the more annoying ‘solo’ Talents that are super OP when maxed - Kensei’s Epic, Lorelai’s Epic and Legendary etc. All those invulnerability Talents and/or stun/lockdown Talents are just stupid to fight against 100% of the time. The guild members might have them, but maybe not fully leveled yet.


Talents are the money makers and p2w aspect of VG, yes. Certain Talents fit the p2w aspect very much so and some are just plain weak and/or boring sauce.


Thats true, but things like this are driving players including me away from blitz.


Make sure to play as much as you can when classic blitz is back. It’s the only way to show SEMC that the mode is worth bringing back and how much talents have changed it for the worse in certain players minds


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