This Guild is Super Annoying to Fight Against Sometimes

Do I need to elaborate? Lol.


I’d just throw, your time is worth more than trying play and suffer because of smec and their aggressive, shady and abusive marketing tactics and p2w shit.

Max talents.

Guess an entire guild maxed their parent’s credit card to be op in a 5 minute game mode.

Well, you also have some talents maxed out, so you can’t really complain.

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When you reach a certain blitz elo you’ll pretty much exclusively run into guys from this guild and its sister guild. Just go with it I guess…

I honestly don’t mind, sweaty games are fun - though it is annoying when Matchmaker decides I can carry a guy with blitz elo ~800 against the #1 and #2 players on the SEA blitz leaderboard lol

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Are they spamming the same heroes , how many games do you need to get 4 stars ? , because they all 4 stars heroes .

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Omygashhh same… They are so tryin on blitz…kimda gets on my nerve… You cant have fun when you’re facing them…

this is why Rumble is better :eyes:

I mean their guild name is King of Blitz so thats kinda given.
That being said, that silver nail is hella tricky to deal with even at lv1.
Their leader is a friend so kinda makes it easy for me to avoid matching up against 3 man party with randos.

@RSerperior @Skyefall

Either this guild has lots to spent or they are masters of grinding.

I’ve did a cost calculation somewhere before and it’s quite expensive to use the hero specific Talents bundle to get the coins, not to mention the Glory one will need.


@Guest_78 True. :stuck_out_tongue: My maxed Talents arem’t that annoying though.


@Alhunt I agree the sweaty matches can be great. But I generally get paired with lower Blitz rank player against 3 man KOB teams. In the screenshot, I know they were quite higj in the Blitz ranking cause when I lost, I only lost 1 Blitz rank point. :v

I have beaten them a few other times though, usually when my team mates were equally coordinated. (Or we cheesed them somehow like Lance miner rus.


@LegendaryE The mastery display is bugged, so I can’t say for sure that the stars are accurate.


@Xhaos Rumble is honestly the best thing announced in 2018 and the best weekend game mode we got in 2019 I feel.


@Vorpalv2 Interesting. Maybe I should befriens them too. Just to avoid fighting them too often and also cause I’d love to party up with them with my own maxed Talents, hehe. If you can’t beat em’, join em’!

Not until you get matched solo against a full party running cheesy 5 supports comps with your tier 3 teammates

Still doesn’t feel as bad as going against KOB in Blitz :frowning:

Same experience totally unfun and waste of time

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The best thing announced is classic blitz

@Orikson my intention is not to avoid them but for the fight not to be me with a bunch of randoms vs them.
My BR matches mostly consists of 5-10 players getting match against one another on regular basis so we do know each other playstyle.
Definitely helps against a three man party.
Kinda funny that a sorta pattern has developed in all this randomness.

Do what i did and quit brawl modes


I’ve considered this many times.

It’s just hard to do so cause the game time just suits me best compared to Casuals and Ranked modes for 3v3 and 5v5.

If the improve the game time for the main modes or release Talentless Brawl modes, maybe then it’ll feel a bit better letting go of these modes.

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Well, I managed to befriend one of the Guild members of the main KOB guild.

My oh my, they are sure quite a strong bunch I say. Quite dedicated too.

And they’ve only been around for 3 seasons too (including the current one).

My surprise is that their a Vietnam based group. Guess VG has pretty decent spread here in the SEA region.

Now I know went to at least play around their prime time and maybe get paired with them more often.

If I was a dev I would delete their guild if I match them.


I know like 3-4 people from that guild. My question is, why spend money to upgrade talents only for one specific mode. Ive gone against them quite a few times and Ive beaten them many times too. They just have max talents. Skill wise they arent that great. They devote all their time to finding toxic comps with talents. I might be rude but i see them as a bunch of people who suck and are just being pay to win scrubs.