This Game Isn't Worth Playing Anymore

Playing this game during the last few weeks hasn’t been fun at all, and that’s why I’m quitting. 3v3 Ranked is as empty as Chernobyl, 5v5 and 3v3 casual is as toxic as Chernobyl, and the two brawl modes are just curbstomp streaks, with me being the receiving end of it. The few matches that I have won didn’t feel enjoyable, as they were full of just the same problems as my losing games. At this point, watching grass grow is more enjoyable than playing a game where losing seems more fun than winning. Until this game improves, and I doubt it will, I won’t waste my time playing it.

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We gotta tell semc why chaos q is going to be bad for the game.

I totally agree man, shanking noobs with anka lost its fun fast, and the overwhelming lack of skill in rank is really discouraging. I suggest taking a break as im going to be soon once studies start.

Hopefully the Rise and the Fold will be better in the future.

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I totaly agree. Just now played casual 5v5 soloq. One game of soloq vs a team, second game ally varya attacked alpha in melee range with aa, alpha owning idris who tried to kill it early game… 8 deaths in first 3 min. People 3 man holding a lane etc. And i wanted to practice lance support.

When i started to play i played only casual and it was better than now. Always played till the end because i felt players wanted to play heroes and have fun. Conceding simply because we were losing felt lame. Almost never afk but this time i afk ed because i got fed up.
Most casual matches are nowadays steamrolls. Match after match. I dont even remember good casual match in quite some time. All match you play catch up by avoiding enemies and farming. The enemy team runs in 3 to 4 man party top mid bot. And ally teammates constantly rush to fight. Enemy heroes are two levels above me. I try to splitpush, one guy comes and erases me or stands under turret. And you cant push. You cant pass him.
Im not playing casual anymore. Just ranked. Ranked has good matchmaking at least in my rank 7.

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