Things I Just Noticed Make No Sense

Wasn’t sure how to categorize this but there are a few things I’ve noticed make literally no sense in the game recently.

Why does Caine have cp ratios? I cannot see any concievable reason to build cp on Caine so what gives?

Why is Journey boots cooldown without the attack reduction so terrible compared to halycon chargers? Since the update I just realized hcs are pretty much better in every conceivable way. They give you energy, cooldown, have a longer sprint, give the same speed boost as jbs, and they have a noticeably shorter cooldown without reduction? Am I missing something here? I think they should make the jbs 40 second cooldown with 20 on attack reduction and a bigger health boost, and I think they should bring back the +.6 speed.

These are just two so far but I’m sure there are many others. What about you guys, have you noticed anything that makes literally 0 sense about anything in the game?

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CP Caine is quite fun actually. Way different from WP.

I mostly play him when Im going against a kiting/ranged comp since most of Caines damage comes from his Ult and execution playstyle.


Same thing with Glaive has cp ratio but I haven’t seen anyone go Glaive cp.

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That’s because the nerfs actually killed him. And he was never to be heard again. So much for “we like to have more options when it comes to heros” that one Dev said in one of the amas.


Hope they will buff his cp, maybe it will takes several patches lol.

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Caine in his release people played him cp , I remember he got a good aftershock build because he can spam his abilities .

Journey boots were too good at somepoint that all carries build them , but then they changed the cooldown and made cp carries need more energy which made choosing between the 2 types of boots is interesting , so when you buy the jb you know your hero not energy hungry and can take benefit of the reduction , like for example reim he needs energy but you better build journey boots and buy eve for energy because he needs mobility , any zero energy hero is jb without thinking .

Halycon chargerrs give you cooldowns, which is good despite you need energy or not.

Because the cooldown reduction from attacking is not meaningful enough to justify picking them anymore. Prior to the nerf you would be able to active them twice or even thrice in a teamfight, that’s no longer the case. I haven’t seen a hero buy JB since the nerf, even heroes that don’t use energy chose not to buy them.

I hadn’t realised this this must’ve been changed, cause when they first reworked the boots builds it was 60s for HC and 50s for JB. While I generally buy HC (for the cooldown and energy) over JB, there’s a few heroes JB is better on. Most notably Alpha as she does not need the energy, and also Krul and Baptiste benefit from the 12 sec cooldown to let them reposition when using their ults.

Remember when Joule had viable WP and CP builds? And then they decided CP was too weak so they gave everything her WP build to CP as well, and dumbed her down a bit, leaving her WP path pointless as it was The same as her CP but without any ult damage.

You obviouly haven’t played the best glaive…aftershock tension/CP glaive… :haha:


Hmm, I guess. It still seems to me like cp caine is going to be inherently weaker in everything but I can see the plausibility of synergy with aftershock and maybe spellfire.

@MacAulay Yeah man I took a second to look at the numbers and I was like wtfff? Why is halycon charger cooldown 45 but journey boots is 60 before the attack reduction? And why do they have the same speed? AND the same hp? It boggled my mind so much I had to post about it lol.

Things that don’t make sense?
How about nerfing anka’s execute strike even though a round of nerfs made her balanced, and then with seeing why is she so bad, buff around the bush?

We don’t need more a and b damage, or bonus A range. We need execute strike to actually execute instead of tickle. Even Caine’s execute is better!

It’s been ages since a late game cp assassin that wasn’t energy thirsty had some viability

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Well, they did nerf his kit than ratios and base stats. He got cooldown and range nerfs which… Nerfed both paths. Even if it was indirectly.

They should have hit more of his wp ratios than range n stuff but whats done is done.