Things are heating up in VG universe [ Road to rebellion ]


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


Let’s go baby, maybe finally we are gonna see heroes from these two factions collide

Something epic is coming... ‘ The Empires Must Fall! ‘

If Gythia doesn’t win, there’s something clearly wrong with the world.


Heads up you got 1 and two 2’s no 3 :wink:


Remember the night shadow taka Lore? Nobody knows what the hell it was all about, but if you think about it. This might be the post-rebellion lore, where the technologists have blown a massive hole in the wall.
I might be wrong tho.


I should start reading the lore again. :thinking:


so kinetic seems to play a pretty relevant role in this rebellion, we might even see her become a playable character, but i don’t understand how ardan is buddies with kinetic, who obviously has a very high position


ardan was a genius technologist who greatly aided the faction


Someone should make a lore summary…


Factions gonna f sh** up summary finished


the thing i want to know was where was Alaric when Arden needed him, talk about fake ho- friends


Either he didn’t want to mess wih stormqueen or just selfish boi.


I think the story hints to him being dead already when Storm Queen sent out Catherine to kill Julia. I think his death isn’t important but instead is something that they put to create tension and provide an instigator for Ardan.

Unless if he returns as a zombie or something because of the Churn, we can safely assume he just died while running away or Stormguard killed him or something. I guess.


Great I lost track of all the new characters that have been introduced in literally these three parts already.


Kinetic for hero plz :grin::laughing:

She seems the software expert vs Ardan the mechanical expert.

Maybe Ardans tech runs on her software? Remember the cannonarm? His kind of tech needs software it isn’t purely mechanical. You couldn’t save two kids falling from a Ferriswheel with raw mechanical attributes without Finesse etc…


Yeah but who saves the Ferris wheel from the kids?