They actually did it (Reza spotlight)


First of all, since I can’t post this in the Announcement part so I’m gonna put it here in the time being.
They just released the Official Vainglory Reza Hero Spotlight.
Here is it:


Right, now it makes sense why they’ve given him so many buffs… for a hero that had a break even win and pick rate buffing him so much defies explanation.


How good is his Demon Netherform Detonator. I love it. The giant horns looks so awesome.


For me, I’d rather change him. Both buffs and nerfs for him.


Reza is horny, nudge nudge, wink wink .


yeaah. looks so cool. can’t wait to play with him


A little help here @hazeleyes . Put this in Annoucement please


You seem to want to change 99% of vainglory