There’s a spelling error in the in-game store

I opened to game to try it out in its current state after seeing the patch notes today and during the usual snooping around my bag/the store while in queue, I noticed that Joule was somehow misspelled in the market…

Don’t know why it’s like that, but I think it’s a tiny bit noteworthy how they didn’t bother to double check or anything. At least they kept the error consistent, I’ll give them that lol.

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They misspelled their own name at credits tab so this error doesn’t seem surprising at all.


They have the wrong version number in their tweet about the patch notes too …

Such careless inattention to detail does not bode well for the game, imo …


There’s also a spelling error in the patch notes:

“Wintery” instead of “wintry” :man_facepalming:

I’m pretty sure that the outsourced studio NCore is causing these language related errors.

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Spell checkers are a thing, though – and they can be set for the desired language, if it’s not the writer’s native one.

Neither “Joul” nor “wintery” exist in the English language and should therefore be flagged by any spell checker set to English.

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