There has been an unannouced SAW nerf for 3 patches

And that is the slow duration on his B. It used to be 2s/2s/2s/2s/2.5s but now it drops down to a flat 0.4s at all ranks. GG. You just nerf the weakest hero in the game.

I didnt check , but if it happened i think its expected , because they removed or nerfed the AOE slow in all carries like gwen and bf , and made frostburn for damage abilities only , SAW B slow in 5v5 probably tested and found broken .

Nah it ain’t. The ability has a 15s cooldown with WP and a minimum CD of 8.25s with CP. It ain’t that short for a nerf and to be honest no one is blinded enough to not see that SAW is unviable.

More complaining because your potato main is rubbish, he is on the easiest hero’s to counter and frankly is never ever going to be viable in 5v5 b cause he is

A - Too damn slow o matter
B - Takes to long to reach his peak DMG
C - Has to many counters

Seriously just learn anew hero, sass a horrible hero to main and goes someway o explains why you can get out of tier 7.


Yep. He’s rubbish in normie mode but in blitzkrieg he’s a god. Btw I have mained Baron too so I have no issues.
Btw, you’re really mean.

It’s just your always complaint about:

A - can’t rank
B - team mates
C - saw nerfs

They’re all linked. You never accept that maybe you might need to improve certain areas of your game.


Duh how much I try I can’t get up. I can get a good KDA with other heroes but without teammates I’m nothing. I can be trash sometimes and I don’t deny that. Hell my name says it out loud.

This thread derailed real quick. Ok


Yeah. Needs someone to close it.

Meanwhile i spammed saw to t9 in 5v5. I had like a 80% win rate lmao. If u know how to abuse saw in 5v5, hes crazy. His objective damage is the best.

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Excuse me, when he was weak?
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Saw is weak? LMAO.
Just make a team with 2 bruisers, 1 tank captain, 1 control mage + SAW. Do nothing except help SAW pushes, ensure SAW’s farm. WIN!

P/s: try to apply current LOL tactics, jungler let SAW takes all the minions and jungle camps. Work extremely well.
Wanna see a stronger SAW? MAKE A 5 PEOPLE PREMADE TEAM…

Yall can complain about saw all u want, hes getting a rework whether you like it or not. :slight_smile:

You guys are smart enough to know how to play a saw but when u soloq and end up getting a lone saw instalocker, many will agree that they wont change their hero choice to benefit saw. Hence the rework

edit: its takes alot of resources to help a saw out compared to other carrys

h y p e r c a r r i e s
also, hes probably not getting a rework… it’d take too many resources away from a new hero and the next update…

well whatever change it its, its going to be big according to how nivmett worded it

Guess you never played CP Saw then.
I have a better idea. Delete Saw and everyone will be happy.


I asked Niv. Not the next patch but it will take a few patches to work on that. He has to balance between reality (I brought up the real life weapons) and fantasy to make his rework so this is long.

Sorry but tbh, I’ve played SAW for like 300-350-400h now and his reign is over. The 3.0 is over. You can’t spam SAW anymore. Now with Celeste, Samuel, Skaarf being super strong, the release of hyper-CC heroes and the changes to turrets, you can’t soloq SAW.
Ps: I only soloq 'cause I don’t have anyone trustworthy to party up with.

Niv does balance, he doesnt do reworks…

His team not himself. You know, sometimes changing the numbers won’t work. You have to change the whole mechanic of things. That’s kinda beyond him for a bit.