There a spot on the forum for

Hey guys and gals! I recently started playing again. I used to login and do bot matches to make money in the game or whatever and try new heroes and then log out as my main MOBA was Arena of Valor. Is there a spot on the forum where I can post my stats and such, like win/loss and kda and all that and get feedback from the community as I go through this journey of playing casual to being more serious and going up the ladder in ranked?

Hi, welcome back! :kraken_happy_t2: :minions_happy_t2:

If you’re interested in posting things like end-of-game screenshots and stats, or if you wanted to post video for other forumers to critique, I’d recommend the Game Moments and Cheers subcategory: #vainglory-discussion:game-moments-and-cheers (We have that space so end-of-game screenshots don’t clog up the other discussion areas).

If you have a specific question about a hero or build though (like, “How should I play Skaarf in 3.9?” or “What’s the real difference between Aftershock and Alternating Current?”), you might try the Heroes, Builds, and Items sub: #vainglory-discussion:heroes-builds-and-items

But we have a lot of regulars in this forum, who can all move your thread to an appropriate place if it’s in the wrong spot, so don’t worry too much. :cheers_boba_t2:


Yeah what I have been thinking about is posting the end of game screenshot with my items and kda and asking for tips. I know I am no pro but I am about 11 matches in to ranked and on rank 5 bronze. Should be silver or gold later today I think.