Themed hero idea: Jotaro Kujo

I’ve always kinda felt like making a hero idea, but I’m not the most creative when coming up with them, especially in regards to OCs, so I decided to make a hero idea based upon an already-existing character: Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.


The main gimmick with Jotaro is his stand, Star Platinum. A little bit like Malene, he has two “forms” that change his kit and playstyle; Star Platinum retracted or active. Depending on which way his stand is being used, he can become an immobile WP bruiser who can stick to targets once he gets on them, or a risky long-range CP assassin. His roam path, however, relies upon switching “forms” to make the most out of his CC to help out allies offensively.


Perk: Yare Yare Daze- Jotaro’s ultimate is automatically available at level 1, similar to Malene’s. If Star Platinum is retracted, it will defend Jotaro, protecting him from one CC effect every 30 seconds. If Star Platinum is active, it will basic attack alongside Jotaro, but with a much longer range. However, when the stand is active, it can be attacked in order to deal slightly reduced damage to Jotaro.

A: ORA ORA ORA Rush- If SP is currently recalled, it will appear behind Jotaro, preforming a flurry of punches on a nearby selected target. If it is active, it will instead preform a flurry of punches in an AoE while moving in a chosen direction. Each punch has a small WP ratio and a large CP ratio and will slow targets hit. Upon overdriving this ability, the duration of the rush is increased and it can be activated again while SP is active in order to cancel the attack.

B:Star Finger/Grab Rush- Star Finger- If SP is recalled, it will stretch out it’s finger at a chosen direction, dealing WP damage and slightly pulling in enemies hit. Upon overdriving, Star Finger’s range is greatly increased. Grab Rush- If SP is active, it will dash in a chosen direction, grabbing the first enemy it reaches, stunning them and dealing a large amount of CP damage. Upon overdriving, the duration of the ability is greatly increased.

Ult: STAR PLATINUM- Jotaro calls out/recalls SP depending on which state it currently is in. This ability has no cooldown. Each upgrade will decrease the cd of the CC block and increase the strength of the damage reduction on SP of his perk.

Some reference images for his abilities


Star finger
Grab Rush

I hope you guys like my hero idea I did have some fun coming up with it.


His taunt animation: His iconic pointing pose
Taunt Sound Effect: Yare Yare Daze

Additional passive: Rat heroes deal 50% more damage to Jotaro

Additional additional passive: Changes SP Forts to have pink Dolphin outfits instead of Shark outfits

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u forgot his most powerful ability


That’s Joseph’s ultimate ability. Not Jotaro’s :pouting_cat: