TheInterpreter's Midlane Tips!

Decided to make a midlane guide since some found the toplane guide useful. I’ll probably end up making a botlane guide in the near future. But here goes into midlane: it’s the most important lane to be good in, with top being next.

Why? Because like top, losing in midlane drags down the whole team, not just one person, and in midlane the big thing is every lost turret is one less turret blackclaw has to stop at before he gets to your base, making not losing turrets in midlane invaluable.

So in midlane you usually want a hero with good area control and wave clear. The biggest thing in midlane is gaining a lead over your opponent, in gold, exp, buffs, whatever you can. Going cp is usually a staple in midlane. There aren’t a lot of heroes that are going to do better in midlane than mages. Just the way it is. This is because you’re going to get hit on all sides and burst damage on your opponents rules in that scenario. You want to keep pushing the wave in midlane. It’s not about killing as much as it is peeling away the defense of the enemy turret. That way they can’t hide under it, making the killing that much easier. Not to mention, as stated earlier, on blackclaw release, his utility is maximized based on how many turrets you take down, so taking down the turret is what makes the difference, not killing the enemy midlaners, though that’s always nice.

Getting the cp buff for your midlaner is highly useful. Do it whenever possible, and capts/junglers should help with this to make good use of time and hp.

Once you get the first turret, as midlane you should try for the second turret if possible, but if not, assist other lanes as you can. Remember, second turret midlane is your first priority. After that you can assist other lanes as much as you want. This is because once you get the second turret, blackclaw only needs one more to blow through before he is in the enemy base, optimizing your blackclaw pushes to the max while keeping you the safest. And remember, being midlane, you have the best access to both top and bot, so assist when you can!

The biggest and best strat in midlane is just steady, safe push. You want to lay down cams in the side bushes and not both. Lay down a cam in one side, stay close to that side, even if you don’t have vision on the other side, you can escape an enemy popping out from there and you have vision to protect you on your cam side. You want to be tentative, taking kills where you can get them but not being overly aggressive so that you get jungler ganked.

If you are a successful midlaner, you can save your team from early blackclaw pushes and make your teams pushes that much more successful, as well as the fact that midlane is where a majority of teamfights go down so the better you do in midlane, the better off your team is in theory.

Now down to the heroes. The best midlane heroes are skaarf, Celeste, baron, varya, samuel, skye, etc. Similar heroes with massive crowd control or wave clear are great. Warhawk is a new addition that does very well. So does lorelai cp and adagio. There are many more. Just think: can they wave clear easy, and do they have pick potential. If they have both or are heavily strong in one and average in the other, they are a good pick.

That’s all for now. Hope this helps somebody! Botlane guide coming soon, as well as jungler likely.