The worst match I ever experienced

I knew SAW was going to be unranked, but he died at the very start and rage quit after going 0-7 before coming back and my Baron is just…unranked…so he fed too which is expected for new players. I was winning bot lane with my Silvernail, but Baron and SAW (especially SAW) already did the damage and the enemy team started rotating to their top lane which screwed up bot for us and that’s when everything went downhill. SInce the enemy team was t7 and above I guess they were purposely not pushing which is the lowest tier of scum bullshit (so fuck that enemy team in particular) in any MOBA imo since they are wasting my time and testing my patience when we’ve already lost. Additionally, I could not surrender cause two of us refused to do so, which made the game take way longer than it should have. SN played well as well as Melon, but our two unranked players got my own scaling screwed since I was then an easy target considering the game became a 3v5. Hell, even with me being severely weaker I was able to almost kill some people who were way more fed than I was. This has got to be a top 3 worst match I have ever experienced.

Bro I can still see the names at the top…

#ripwhenyouarentgoingtobeinrumblysnextvideobecauseheneveruploadslosses damn.

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As @Xaldarian says, you missed the names at the top of the page – can you obscure those as well, please?

It’s casual so the MM is quite bad though it seems more accurate, I think the chaos queue was removed.

Oops I’m on it

EDIT: Fixed it

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I would still appreciate having teams with an equal amount of unranked players…

That’s something I’ve been asking for during two years already… and here I am, still complaining.

Lol. Your top 3 worst is equal to my daily grind here in SEA. Just be grateful it’s casual.

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