The Valkyrie Community (Recruiting)

Hello ladies and gents!

The Valkyrie Community is still open for recruitment.


The Guild
The Valkyrie Community’s main vision has always been to become a stable community. We aim to become a household name in the Vainglory scene, known for positivity, enthusiasm & a family like community. With the small differences between both guilds we want to cater for all types of players and give everyone a chance to improve, grow and enjoy Vainglory more. We don’t ‘fame grind’ as guilds. We just ask that people play when they can and with as many guildies as they can.

We seek to foster long-term friendships amongst members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.

Our guild consists of variety of players. Mixture of men and women. Young and Old. We tend to hold guild events. We criticise each other constructively and we talk a lot in our discord server.

We use Discord as a way of communication in game and off. Using Discord is mandatory and it is EXTREMELY important to ask for a partner before playing. Feel free to solo if there’s nobody available to play with.

What we can offer you:
-a friendly environment with people of similar skill playing together while having fun with voice chat.
-tips and suggestions to improve each others’ play via Discord.
-the chance to rank high together with our best players.
-you get to practice your English skills on Discord!
-Guild Events with Prizes!!!

What we expect from you:
-acknowledge and respect our rules
-accept that here in the Valkyrie we’re all equals, a high rank doesn’t give you the right to treat anyone badly
-play at least a game everyday so we can keep the star burning; if leaving for a certain period, be sure to announce on Discord and there won’t be any problem.

  • we also want a player who’s passionate about the guild and game meaning we want someone who can socialise with us in discord, involving with discussions about the game etc.

If you do share the same values as us, you check our website and tell us some things about you. Our guild management personally test every new member in a few trial matches to see if they fit our criteria. You can find our website link below.







Can you tell us about your guild level, frequently time play, language speaking, etc?

Hi there! apologies for the delay.

We’re not a fame grinding community. We play everyday but mostly, playing times would be afternoon till late evening GMT time. English is our main language and the only language we talk in our server. You can visit our website for more information.

Still looking ladies and gents :wink: