The Vainglory 5v5 Global release. more Toxicity? Or more Fun?

It’s time to start this debate!! Let us know what you think! pros, cons etc

Call me pessimistic but more than likely more toxicity. The matchmaking is a complete mess for 5v5, I’ve already seen quite a bit of raging. I don’t really take it too seriously as I’m just using the time until ranked comes out to learn the map, best rotations, etc. Just practice time.

Maybe matchmaking will better now with everyone queing though. :crossed_fingers:

It might be less toxic actually, because a lot of mobile players will still be casuals…

More players = more balanced matchmaker but also more players = more toxic players.


At the moment only around 27% of player base has golden tickets and that is more heavily weighted towards both higher and lower tier players which widens the gaps in match making.

I think it will improve tremendously once there are more players and as the matchmaker builds data about people’s actual skill level.

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toxicity doesn’t just go away because of 5v5… but it will be more fun… because i have early access and I am definitely having more fun.

One thing i have found is my 3v3 skills have improved immensely now that the map feels so small… :laughing:


So far I haven’t seen toxicity except one guy. I think it will have less toxicity because one person doesn’t have the same weight to carry as 3v3. So it’s good. Plus the ping location is currently at an impractical position which is good since it is not as convenient to use. Overall I think it’s good.


Will be better in the long run. :slight_smile:

Hoping for report system work well

Thanks for bringing this up. Right when I start getting teams that are rotating well, are taking objectives, and properly split pushing, you go and remind me that I’m going to have to live through the 5v5 noobness all over…

I’m sure Pro’s will outweigh the Con’s We just need to be positive and look at the bright side of 5v5.

I feel like the new players will most likely join with an open mindset and not blame others for bad plays since they aren’t as aware of whose fault it is. They may also dilute the real toxic players that know how to get on your nerves since any new toxic players might not know how to be really toxic in VG.

I’m inclined to say that things will generally improve with the wide release, as the playing field with be relatively level (even higher level players will need time to adapt to the very different strategies in 5v5), and with more players available at each skill tier/MMR, the matchmaking should improve from its present atrocious state.

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Considering the general increase in toxicity in all my matches, I shudder at what we’re going to see in a few days.

Toxicity is already present, but they’re impact in game has been reduced, 4 decent players can often carry that CP Catherine laner etc.

And my laning got a lot better than before. Might actually become a good Ringo again like when I used to play on tablet lol