The struggle i go trough to play Vainglory

I am Lebanese, if you live there you will know that us peasants have the worst internet there is and i am not even exagerating you can’t imagine how slow it is. If you want good wifi you gotta pay a lot, like a lot and then you atually get really quick internet (yay corrupt governement). Therefore, mobile data/4G/LTE is the way to go for most Lebanese gamers, you usually get solid 70ms using it. The thing is, my house has some sort of mystery curse, whenever i am inside i just get terrible phone signal and my 4G becomes very inconsistent but when i am outside my 4G works just fine.

You see this couch ? If i sit on it i will get 2k ms ping spikes and my Hero goes to outer space to orbit around Jupiter. On the other hand, if i sit on a chair on the other side of that window i get consistent 80ms, if i want 68ms i sit on the far end of my balcony. Where i live it can get pretty cold in the winter and it also rains hard, as of right now the temperature drops to 8/9 degrees celsius at night which is bearable but my fingers will get cold and my performance in game will be affected. I remember i had a final to play in a Vainglory tournament like a year ago and the winning teams gets 15k ice. Of course i played it on my balcony cause ice is life, it was 3 degrees celsius and we lost cause blocking Churn ults with freezing fingers is very difficult trust me. I had my hands in hot water for a minute to unfreeze them, my team still got 9k ice (3k each memeber) in case you’re wondering, rip the big dream tho.


That, sir, is dedication! :thumbs3:


Damn here I thought Austrians had the worst internet connection.

not even close lol 30303030303030

This was the case in my country a few years ago 3 maybe, but competition better private companies led to better and cheaper internet. Well atleast now I can thank my country for something. Your might be with your mobile phone’s WiFi adapter.

One could say your fingers were like ice…?

Sorry I’ll get my coat.

I have a similar problem tho, luckily I don’t have to go outside to play. Basically, most of the time I live in a school boarding house, and the school wiffy blocks games. If I try a VPN, I get massive lag spikes (even if I play on the NA sever where the VPN connects to). So I also use 4G. The problem is that if I lie with my head at one end of my bed, my connection is rubbish, while if I lie at the other, it’s completely fine. Easy solution, lie the right way. Except that sometimes, if I’m holding my phone above me, if I hold it just a little too far down the connection breaks and I lag to hell. But, I deal with it.

And I get mad when my wifi gets slower when I get to a more comfortable spot on my bed…